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NCC Reflection POS for restaurant and retail environment

Today we introduce to all of our valued exiting and potential customers our new member of the Calbiz Point of Sale solutions! 

Since 1986, NCC has been delivering comprehensive software solutions to businesses in the hospitality and retail industries. With more than 30,000 installed systems, NCC has proven to be a reliable and flexible POS Solution for many successful businesses.

If you are looking for a robust, reliable and affordable point of sales system for your restaurant, bar or retail business, NCC Reflection POS is the solutions for a small, medium and large restaurants, bar or retail business.
Flexibility and reliability, which will simplify your daily operations and will help you, increase productivity in your restaurant.

Why Reflection POS if the best Point of Sale solution for your restaurant:
• Flexibility to fit your business needs: May functions to customize it for your specific business model
• Embedded Operating System: Resistant to spyware, viruses and other issues
• 100% Terminal Redundancy: your data is stored on each terminal and automatically distributed across your POS system
• Easy to Maintain Now windows OS to maintain
• User-friendly interface and functionality: Intuitive layout of screen display, which makes it easy to use for all employees
• Couple productivity and accuracy, you will increase profits: Get detailed reports to better manage your business administration
These are a few of the many great functions NCC Reelection POS offers to your business because it was designed to meet the needs of virtually any retail or hospitality environment.

For more information oh how NCC Reflection POS can benefit your business, please contact us and schedule a FREE demonstration in our office or at your business 213-385-3351
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Whether you use a thermal or impact printer on your POS system or cash register, it is important to know what type of interface it uses to connect to your point of sale system. Here is an general overview of the different interfaces commonly used on the POS system industry.
Next time your need a kitchen/receipt printer reference to this to make sure your are ordering the right printer for your POS/cash register.
If you are still not sure what you need, give us a call and let one of our technicians help you with your purchase.
You can also visit our showroom in Los Angeles. We ship nationwide.
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Learn how to sing in to your Sam4s SPS-530 RT Electronic Cash Register. how to deal with "Sign on required" on a Sam4s Cash register.
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Sam4s sps 530 rt is a raised-key keyboard. This electronic cash register is ideal for retail environment such as: liquor stores, small markets, meat markets, candy stores, novelties and more. Take orders more efficient by connecting a scanner, a scale, a kitchen printer or even integrating your merchant account/credit cards.
Come visit our showroom in Los Angeles or call us at 213-385-3351 to have one of our technicians give you a more detailed overview of the cash register's functions. We can program, configure, service and instal your POS system/cash register. 
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Here is a small overview of the Sam4s sps-500 series. There are four models to the 500 series. The sps 520 rt, sps 520 ft, the sps 530 rt and 530 ft. The sps 520 models have dual printers, a receipt and a journal  and the sps 530 models have a single printer. Also, the FT are flat-key keyboard and the RT models are raised-key keyboard. Raised keyboard cash registers are great for retail environment such as small markets, bakeries and liquor stores and the flat keyboard cash registers are ideal for restaurant environment, delis, pizza parlors, Mexican restaurants and others.
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Learn how to replace the Thermal Paper Roll on a Sam4s sps 530 RT Raised Keyboard cash register. Ideal for retail environment.
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Cash Register Dealer in Los Angeles
If your cash register broke, is malfunctioning or you simply want to upgrade to a better model that will fit your business more efficiently, Calbiz is a one-stop-shop for all your Point of Sale needs.
Whether you have a Fine Dine, Quick Service, Food Truck or Retail environment, CalbizPOS has the right Point of Sale system for your business.
As buyer, you have many options! How do you pick the right company to help you with your Point of Sale system purchase?  CalbizPOS is located a few blocks west of Downtown Los Angeles and we specialize on the sale and service of Point of Sale systems for Restaurant, Retail and other industries.
CalbizPOS is you local retailer for:
Ø  Electronic Cash Registers –CalbizPOS is a Sam4s Authorize Dealer in Los Angeles.
Ø  CAS Weight Scales –CalbizPOS is a CAS Authorized Dealer in Los Angles.
Ø  Restaurant Software-CalbizPOS is a Chanel Partner for Aldelo for Restaurants.
Ø  Retail Software-CalbizPOS is a Keystroke Authorized Dealer.
Ø  POS Hardware-CalbizPOS sells only high quality hardware Touch Dynamic and Posiflex hardware for your hardware needs.
Ø  Supplies-CalbizPOS has been helping local businesses with their POS Supplies since 1997. We sell Thermal Rolls, 1 Ply rolls, 2 Ply rolls, Ink Ribbons and much more.
Ø  Payment Processing- CalbizPOS works for you and shops around for the best rate for your payment processing needs.
It is as easy as 1, 2, and 3!
1.       Know what your Point of Sale system needs are.
2.       Let us know and we have someone from our team to work closely with you.
3.       Order and have it delivered so you can start enjoying the benefits of your new POS System.
CalbizPOS is your one-stop-store for all your Point of Sale needs in the Los Angeles area.
Don’t take chances with those out of state cash register sellers. They won’t be able to respond as fast as a local dealer in your area.
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Need to reprogram your cash register? ...or simply update some of the prices on you POS system ( Cash Register)?
Calbiz can help you program or reprogram your cash register and POS system. We can help you update the programming information on your cash register such as: Sam4s, Sharp, Casio, TEC or POS system and others. Simply bring your cash register to us or have one of our friendly drivers/technicians pick it up and we'll have it ready in no time at a reasonable price.
Whether is pricing, taxes, departments, new items or editing  existing information on your cash register, we can help.
Reprogramming your cash register should not be complicated and we can help you so you can do what you do best ...running your business!
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Need more counter space or just want to maximize it?
Touch Dynamics Universal Printer Base will do just that! It will give you back your counter space. You can mount any Touch Dynamic unit to it and it uses an out of the box T70 Epson printer which you can easily install. So, if you are looking to maximize the counter space in your business, a Universal Printer Base from Touch Dynamic is the solution.
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Need to fix or replace a receipt printer?
When one of the receipt/kitchen printers is not printing properly, it might only need a little adjustment or service. Bring your printer to us and we will diagnose it for you. We service and repair receipt printers. So next time you need your kitchen printer repaired, let us help you.
Don't let an old/malfunctioning receipt/kitchen printer slow you down! Fix it or replace it and do what you do best. your business!
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