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Wanna get a job in tech?

LEARN. TO. GOOGLE. For realsies, y'all. 

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Well that's amazing.....

Check it out, Google keywords placed this complex as a meth lab...
HILARIOUS! so I have been exploring the new "people talk about " keywords showing up on Google Maps search. It's cool - Google takes reviews, pulls out relevant keywords and uses them to describe the business - very helpful - until you are an apartment complex and are associated with...

This Tuesday feels like a Monday.

Remember when Friday meant a couple days off and relaxation coming up?

...Yeah, me neither. 

This day seems productive so far.

That means I'm missing something huge and it's going to bite me in the butt soon ... 

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#Gladiators the wait is almost over! Just ONE MORE DAY until #Scandal returns! 

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Daddy has a phone call so everyone needs to be on his lap...

Watched Gravity last night. Holy crap intensity. #gravity #spacenightmares

Starting the day with the explicit version of Work B**ch because, well, that's what I gotta do today ;-)

Monday. Time to remember what the heck I'm doing this week after a weekend of trying to unpack a few more boxes. Those last few just take FOREVER.
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