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I really should start putting movie releases that I actually want to see on my Google Calendar. SOME TIME IN JUNE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW CLOSE JUNE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cannot wait!
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There are so few movies that appeal to me as a person [as opposed to as a Mom, (HEY!! Child may like that!!)] that installing that kind of app would be pointless. I'd never use it, and then end up forgetting what it's for
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Once Upon A Time's beloved Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas got married this weekend! Congratulations to the happy couple! <3
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I just thought she was getting pudgy and trying to look matronly
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I found this. If you have a blog, or are thinking about starting a blog, this could help you. It has certainly deterred me from wanting to blog like the big time bloggers. I'm happy with my post whenever I feel like it site.
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I wish more bloggers did fewer posts. Like Attic24 (A crochet blog) - I like her posts about crochet, especially ones with new projects or patterns. But if she doesn't have something, she just posts pictures of her morning walk or crochet in her house. Bores me to tears. If I want to see pictures of a tree, I'll google a picture of a tree.

Fewer posts of good content is better than a lot of posts where only some have good content.
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Don't Webs. Please just don't. You know how much I love Araucania...and you WOULD be having this kind of sale on my birthday.

Steve's Deal of the Day 4/14 is Araucania Yarns Tepa $8.99/hank (reg $19.95). Use Promo Code FBTEPA3 during checkout.
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Happy Birthday to me!
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Thanks! It's not really until Monday, but I don't get any alone time in the week. :)
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The amount of support this campaign has gotten is absolutely amazing. As of this post, there are still 48 days left, and they're nearing surpassing the $10,000 by fives times as much.

I'm in tears after reading this, and there is nothing that will stop me from hugging my daughter. It's all I can do.
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No idea how many times this has been around, but I just saw it and I couldn't stop giggling.

#drwho   #macklemore   #thriftshop  
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I went to my first yoga class today. It was kind of awesome.
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Fun and family, no fiber. :)
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Clearly, whomever wrote this, hasn't met my daughter. 

How about starts at age 3??
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I move too much, but enjoy the scenery changes. 

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I grew up not too far from Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, and I went in knowing this was a smaller zoo. I was a little underwhelmed with the aquarium until we got to the shark exhibit. That was pretty cool. I wish the habitats were bigger for the animals, as they all seem quite small, but the only way to get those is for the zoo to get more funding, and with the Seattle zoo not too far away, I'm not sure what the chances of that happening are. The only thing we didn't get to see were the polar bears because the glass for their habitat was being replaced. I did love, however, that they don't charge additional fees to any of the exhibits like they do in the larger zoos. The staff is really nice, though all of the concessions except for the cafe were shut down (it was November). The entire grounds were kept clean, and it doesn't smell like poop, even by the elephants. :) We plan to go again closer to Christmas when they have the entire zoo lit up at night.
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I went just before the evening rush hour, and there was only one other person in there other than the 3 employees. Everyone was very nice. Even though this was my first time there, the woman who did my nails (full manicure on my real nails) made her best attempt at conversation. We talked about weather and family, nothing controversial or uncomfortable. My nails came out really nice, and she never hurt me once when trimming the rough skin off my fingers or scraping the dye (I work with dye, especially lots of reds and black, without gloves) from under my nails. I'll totally be going here again.
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