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                                             Ingress - Beyond AP

This is my submission for #ingress   #EliteV   #13Magnus  .

Agent: elToro
Area: Düsseldorf, Germany, Europe

Executive summary
As the first agent in Düsseldorf I achieved reaching Level 8 by focusing on field building and adding MU for my faction. 

I started recruiting and mentoring the first local enlightened agents while still being L7, created our first farms by portal submissions (too early to count for achievements and badges). I founded local and regional enlightened communities and also the first open local cross faction community and kept the world updated on the early enlightened activities in Düsseldorf through a dedicated page on G+ during the first months. I dived deep into role-playing as an agent and created field art on several occasions.

Participated in building the first level 8 portals in the most populated state of Germany and in 10 different cities overall. Participated in flipping entire blue cities to 100% green on different occasions, even before Viruses were available. I participated in the preparations of the first European mission: #Shaperdata .

I had the honor to lead the Enlightened from Düsseldorf into the #Cassandra anomaly as their main organizer and a team lead and we won 4:0 by clusters (Points 514 : 324). I helped with the organisation for the #Cassandra anomaly in Cologne, battled there in the clusters too and we won that event also. I also had several appearances in the #ingressreport   and print media.

I served the global enlightened community by reaching out to and then mentoring all European cities in preparation of their   #13Magnus events, working on strategy papers, giving Q&A sessions and consulting on tactics for every event. Starting with Jarvis birthday on November 6 (my RL birthday also) with Shard#2 in Berlin, I started country wide networking (with great help of my old guiding light from the the shaper transmission agent plutoberlin) and organisation of operator support, key transports, shard control shifts and tactics, quickly expanding our networking and communication efforts to include our neighbouring countries until we had all of Europe represented and connected.

This process brought me into the position of becoming the enlightened continental coordinator for Europe being myself tightly connected to all other continental coordinators too. The Jarvis Shards mission is still ongoing, so I am not further commenting on this topic before december 15th. I am already involved in preparations with upcoming national and global enlightened operations, to continue to further spread enlightenment like a #wildfir3 .

My actual roles in ingress 
- Enlightened continental coordinator for Europe 
- Enlightened mentor for all #13Magnus european cities
- Moderator in 24 enlightened communities including the 3 main global ones
- Participant in another 50+ enlightened communities worldwide
- Founder of the local enlightened and cross-faction communities
- Local mentor, farmer, supplier, blue mold eliminator and caretaker of the green heart of Düsseldorf

First of all I’d like to thank my fellow enlightened agents in Germany who nominated me for EliteV, especially agent terrorlike +Robin Pötter from Recklinghausen and agent Deefonso +Peter Hinse from Cologne, who animated me to create and send in my application, totally ignoring my overcrowded #ingress appointment book, I love you nevertheless! ;)

Due to time constraints I’ll just leave you with some short impressions of highlights from my first year of ingress. Probably the game I was waiting for since 20 years. 

After being constantly exposed to XM in high doses since over 12 months I know for myself, that indeed I didn’t chose my faction, but the faction chose me.

I never imagined to meet up with so many like-minded strangers in such a short time and sharing such weird activities with them as for example sliding in groups over iced hill peaks struggling to get a working internet connection to build the first L8 portals in the state. Running in circles around palaces through snow, rain and thunderstorms with other agents driving in from around 100km in the middle of the night, repeatedly. Before #ingress I never dreamed of invading far away 100% blue cities for a presumably sneaky 4 agent operation, to then surprisingly run into 25 regional agents of all levels and spontaneously deciding to flip the whole city green together within 6h. As we did. More then once. 

Our summer was much too short, but our B3 events (beer, bbq and bursters) were another thing to remember for sure. Although not everything could be remembered on the next day already. I really enjoy living through all the enthusiasm, stress and euphoria when growing our community and connecting the enlightened from the local to the global level. Finding out about so many similar dramas that are happening within ingress communities and factions around the world helped me a lot, to get  local, regional and national community related issues into perspective. 

Participating with missions, preparing for anomalies - that in the beginning nobody believed could be won -, then rallying for troops on continental level 4 weeks in a row, managing to get full teams from neighboring countries showing up to support us in the clusters and finally winning the anomaly? Twice? Priceless.

Then I was totally blown away by the amount of positive reactions from all the #13Magnus anomaly cities that I could support in their preparations for their events, while at the same time interconnecting everyone with our global enlightened network. 

Since November 6, when the Jarvis Shards came to life, I rode the emotional roller coaster of my life and feel blessed to be able to share this experience in real time with thousands of agents around the globe. All those wonderfully enthusiastic, helpful, friendly and crazy people from dozens of different countries wouldn't all be here together without ingress - during day and night, electronically and emotionally connected, especially to cheer each other up, after perhaps seeing again hundreds of agents efforts flushed down the toilet by some sneaky accounts with malicious intents. 

Together we overcome even the darkest of moments with a laughter and keep embracing the light and spreading enlightenment. Unfortunately thats just a small glimpse of the things that make me #love   #ingress

But I promised to run simulations for the Hawaii team now.
Catch you later,

Chronological samples of Highlights (several documented by added pictures and links)

22.11.2012 - A minimalist modified pic of my oldest son being an agent, brought me my invitation within 24h after posting

26.11.2012 - My very first noob linking and fielding operations

06.12.2012 - Finished Operation “Düsseldorf Cauldron” 

16.12.2012 - My biggest solo MU run - 349.716 MU in 5h 2 min -

28.12.2012 - I reached Level 8 -

10.02.2013 - first L8 portals built in Essen, Düsseldorf, Dortmund on the same day -

03.03.2013 - DUS9 - 61 L8 Portals in 5 gardens spread over 10km in Düsseldorf -

09.03.2013 - First city flip - a 100% blue city of Darmstadt to 100% green 

27.03.2013 - Benrath Flash - 16 enlightened Agents of different levels from Berlin, Bonn, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Solingen and Langenfeld gathered spontaneously together to build and farm 22 L8 and another 20 L7 portals in a little over 2h

31.03.2013 -  *Kiefern l8* - Kiefernstreet garden in Düsseldorf, the oldest garden in town turned 8 on a special occasion -

04.04.2013 - Schloss Morsbroich - 15 agents. 40+ L8 portals built on 2 different locations

17.04.2013 - Duisburg green l8 - 9 agents from 3 cities, first L8 portals in Duisburg -

16.6.2013 - Operation Langenberg - 50+ agents from five different cities turned the whole town of Langenberg - a constant blue L8 farm - with around 50 Portals 100% to green L8, delaunay triangulated those portals with links and fields and threw another green Field over the whole town from three neighbouring towns - 

17.8.2013 - #Cassandra Düsseldorf -

24.08.2013 - #Cassandra Cologne -

since 10.2013 -   #13Magnus European anomaly cities mentor in preparation of their events

since 06.11.2013 - #13Magnus "Jarvis Shard Transport" European Coordinator and I even touched shard #8 while preventing the transport through resistance for several hours... -
#ingress   #13Magnus   #EliteV  
+Anne Beuttenmüller +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley +John Hanke 
+Niantic Project 
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Is there any information about if/when we will get Android 4.3 update on Galaxy Nexus?

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O kadar uzadı ki konu, NASA'dan açıklamalı video gelmiş :)
(Türkçe altyazılısı da var NASA'dan 2012 Kehanetlerine Dair Açıklama)
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