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Astronaut. Mom. Musician. Scientist. Explorer on Earth and in Space.
Astronaut. Mom. Musician. Scientist. Explorer on Earth and in Space.


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And here is what Koichi Wakata, Rick Mastracchio and Mike Hopkins shared about Gravity:  I tried to convince one of them to dress up like Sandra Bullock (explaining that then she'd want to MEET THEM!!!) - but they wouldn't do it.  Although come to think of it....  who knows what they were wearing under that standard space station garb....!!    

The #ISS crew congrats the entire #Gravity team for an amazing night @ the #Oscars2014
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#Gravity was awesome at #Oscars2014!  All of us here at NASA thank the Cast and Crew of Gravity for bringing the public to space.  It's an amazing place, and the things we do here are amazing as well.  
Here is what I wanted to tell Sandra, George, Alfonso and all of their crew: 
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What a week - or two or three!  Pretty stellar, even for a NASA Astronaut!  I learned how to repair our T-38 jets, gave my GO to SpaceX to send their next Dragon supply ship to the International Space Station, reviewed the progress of Orbital Sciences Corporation as our commercial partner, coached some fellow astronauts up on the Space Station on robotics, played onstage with The Chieftains in Austin, TX and Newark, NJ...  and went to a gazillion meetings....

And now....tonight.... I'M UP FOR AN OSCAR!  Oh...  Well... the first paragraph is all true, but we all know that the lovely and talented Sandra Bullock is up for an Oscar for Gravity !

I had the privilege of talking with Sandra while I was living up on the Nasa International Space Station along with Ron Garan and Paolo A. Nespoli (Paolo Nespoli).  If only there were #Oscars for folks that helped just a little with Gravity - Movie  I'd be a CONTENDER!!!!  

Seriously though, we loved helping the Gravity folks make a movie in National Aeronautics and Space Administration - NASA 's back yard, showing everyone around the world that it is their back yard too!  It was fun to have the cast of Gravity onboard the #ISS for this photo.  

Good luck to all the creative folks at 86th Oscar Academy Awards 2014 Live    By living their dreams, they bring all of us to places that we can't go by ourselves. 

We are explorers, every one of us!  

P.S.  Every movie takes a big team, and we thank our crewmate Paolo for taking the photo for us!
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Step by step - every one of us can take steps to move education forward.  Every one of us knows a child, a teacher, a school that could put this money to good use,  For their  students, their school and OUR FUTURE!!!!
Know a student who could use a $30,000 scholarship and a $50,000 grant to their school?

Don’t forget to encourage your favorite K-12 student to submit their #Doodle4Google for a
chance to take over the +Google  homepage. Remember the theme: “If I could invent one thing to make the world a better place…” Submissions due in [2 weeks / March 20th / Soon]
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We're back to work and I can FINALLY show you what Astronaut Karen Nyberg made for me up on ISS!!  I told her about the advice I gave to @Sandra Bullock for Gravity about using a single human hair to propel myself across the space station.  She made the coolest demo, and then the video warriors at insideISS edited it for all to see.  I love it!

Maybe #NASA should make Gravity - Movies??! Check out a small sliver of my interview with Sandra B and watch Karen L. Nyberg show off the power of just ONE human hair in space! 

I think it might help you understand why we do ISS Research science up on the Nasa International Space Station  @InsideISS- anything is possible - but more on that in a later post!!
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Moms in space! Astronaut Karen Nyberg and I sat down before she launched to talk about what living on a space station was like when you have to leave the folks you care about, big and small, back on Planet Earth. I shared some of my coping strategies and learned some creative ones that Karen planned to use as well. Maybe next time, Karen will join +Nicole Stott Tara Ruttley, Dana Weigel, Holly Ridings and Maya Cooper and I on Take Me to Your Mother !
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At NASA, we dream of the future, and we also live there every day. It’s our charter and our passion. Today, a few of us had the privilege of meeting some amazing and like-minded folks who bring us to new worlds thru the power of their imaginations: The marvelous science fiction and fantasy authors, actors and actresses of Space City Con -- Houston’s Summer Geek Festival. Wow. I guess as explorers at NASA, we are not alone out there! After learning a bit about our NASA world, I’m excited about where these wild, zany and fascinating folks will take us!!
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Hi Folks –
Nicole Stott, Holly Ridings, Tara Rutley and Dana Weigel  and I – a wily mix of Astros/Flight Directors and Scientists – will be featured on a Nickelodeon channel show called “Take Me To Your Mother” – Tomorrow -- Monday July 1, 10 EST.  Eeeek!  We drove Mars Rovers, flew around the Space Station in the Virtual Reality lab and took part in picnic relays… including limbo!!  Talk about going all out for NASA and our country! 
We haven’t seen it – but I will assure you that those of us that took part are waiting with great trepidation – i.e. it is likely to be totally mortifying.  I’m restricting myself to space-limbo from here on out! 
However, no pain – no gain, and hopefully we’ll find that it was a good step along our path to empower the girls of younger generations. Truth be told, we had a ball!  It isn’t too often that the 5 of us get to spend an afternoon together talking about our kids and showing off NASA!  Hopefully, we will still have jobs after it airs!!
Take Me To Your Mother
For you twitter fans, check out the tweet below, and there will be a twitter party on @NickMom and look for #TakeMeToYourMother
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"Your skill level is so high, that you are impossible to ignore!" "Blended together, they are New, Surprising and Exciting: the 3 elements that get us going at..."

Isn't this the way that we all want to hear ourselves described as we pursue our dreams? That last quote finishes with "America's Got Talent!"

My nephew Garrett Coleman and Jason Oremus founded Hammerstep Dance with the goal of using dance to catalyze social change. Tonight, they rocked the house with "Hammerstep! Hip-Hop Meets Traditional Irish Dance" at America's Got Talent! A standing ovation from one of the judges and 4 resounding YES votes! I think they might be on their way!

You have to watch this - for the dancing - for the drama - but mostly for the dreams. It was electrifying to see what happens when a person with a dream sets high goals, and then accomplishes them... especially when they are your nephew!! Go Garrett!!!!
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Just when I think that the week is finished and nothing else could fit, something magic happens, and I realize that everything is possible: NASA released our Johnson Space Center version of “It Gets Better!” Wow.

I’m proud to have been a part of this video. I’ve been surprised at how much even the production of this video has meant for our JSC NASA community. Now I realize that I have been taking it for granted that everyone feels appreciated for who they are. Unfortunately, it’s just not always true. 

Let's change that. Check out our video and others on the "It Gets Better" site and see where they take you. 

Recognize someone --- TODAY --- for who they are, and for what they bring. Our future needs EVERYONE, and at NASA, we are ALL ABOUT THE FUTURE!
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