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IMPORTANT logistical information about swag pickup limitations at some anomaly sites: some sites DO NOT have pickup on the day of the anomaly, only evening before - be sure to READ THE SCHEDULE of the site you are attending BEFORE you purchase swag to see if you will be able to pick it up yourself.
Niantic Swag Pickup Reminder: Read the Fine Print

I'm writing this publicly because I have many, many agents asking me questions. I've exhausted all other methods of communication, and I've run into a brick wall. I know other POCs have received the same questions and concerns. Please read the fine print. Niantic states that for satellite sites, swag pickup for their items will occur ONLY on the Friday before the anomaly. There will be NO Saturday Pickup times for satellites. Please let your communities know this. There is urgency because many agents have already paid money to Niantic not knowing, and they need to know how to adjust their orders.

Now that that's out of the way, In my opinion this is silly. The vast majority of agents attending anomalies will arrive on Saturday NOT Friday. If they do stay, they will stay Saturday night, not Friday. Does Niantic not realize this? I will hazard a guess, and say most agents do not realize yet they cannot pick up their items on Saturday. They know there will be a Niantic employee on-site on Saturday (at least at my site), but they are not allowed to hand out anything that day.

Please join me in commenting/signing below, petitioning Niantic to change their stance. Please allow people to receive their items on the day they are actually here, the Saturday the event takes place

+Andrew Krug +Ethan Lepouttre +Matilde Tusberti +Anne Beuttenmüller 
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Looks like Niantic has changed their position on this.
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Cade Roux

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Old School
New from Mongoose Publishing!

A brand new edition of Traveller is now available - based on the original but tweaked, finessed and updated through a massive months-long beta playtest by you, the players!

Traveller is a science fiction roleplaying game of bold explorers and brave adventurers. The Traveller Core Rulebook contains everything you need to create one of these adventurers and begin exploring the galaxy.

Spaceports, ancient civilisations, air/rafts, cold steel blades, laser carbines, far distant worlds, and exotic alien beasts – this is the futuristic universe of Traveller, the original and classic science fiction roleplaying game.

Come visit the future.
Traveller Core Rulebook - This is Free Trader Beowulf, calling anyone... Mayday, Mayday...We are under attack... Main drive is gone...Tu
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Cade Roux

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Bwahahahaha. Disney dumbfucks were counting on emo Darth Vader copycat whiney baby Kylo Ren to be the character to bring in the merchandising.

While Rey is probably the most original character in the new movie (abandoned, self-sufficient scavenger - likely the true heir to young Anakin Skywalker's tinkering), and very predictably latched onto by boys and girls everywhere as far more interesting because she does in fact show some ability to control her world and her destiny.

Disney might need to examine their princess tendencies.
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The real let down is the Captain Phasma character.  We were mislead that she is a bad ass stormtrooper and definitely the coolest looking one to date.  We were tricked into buying merchandise for a shitty character.  That is the injustice.
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Cade Roux

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"To not be modest about it, you'll find that with only a couple of exceptions, most of the musicians that I've worked with have done their best work by far with me."
—David Bowie, 1947-2016
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Not really sure what's going on with this field plan, so we just keep adding layers while it's up.

Not much of a plan or anything, just another illuminator run, more boats etc. Same old, same old.
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The real world is changing. Ingress is about change. Successfully adapting to change. Exploring our changing world. Being a force of change on the playing field and the world.

New sculptures, new amazing locations we are finding through our explorations every day. We have a whole new sculpture garden dedicated to Enrique Alferez. Old monuments are moving, being removed, making way for new human endeavors.

When will we be able to update the playing field, +NIA Ops and +John Hanke, with new portal submissions?
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I would be surprised if Niantic removes a portal.  I've only been lucky enough to get one removed with tons of evidence that it was falsely created during #MissionsForGood , and mass reporting.  There are portals I've been reporting as non existent since nearly the start of the game, and they've not been removed.  I've tried everything... take photos with geo tags of the area where its supposed to be.... long explanations..  links to articles of a store closing.. etc..  Good luck +Cade Roux.
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The Blue Voodoo will be there in the Krewe of Ingress (right behind Krewe Du Who).  Catch us on the parade route.  Special Order of the Link Amp buttons can be had.

On Saturday, January 30th the 2016 Chewbacchus parade 
“Chewluminati: Nerd World Order” culminates with a block party of cosmic proportions!

New Orleans, LA- The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus will roll on January 30th, 2016 with the theme "Chewluminati: Nerd World Order." The 2016 Parade features a Chewluminati Pyramid with an interactive All Seeing Eye, as well as the incredible new Reptilian DeLorean that will carry Keith “Pindar” Greene, the Lizard King. Chewbacchus rolls this year with well over 100 distinct subkrewes and several secret surprises in store for the surging crowds in the Marigny and Bywater.
The post-parade revelry continues as the Krewe marches to their epic after-party at Castillo Blanco Art Studios for an all night extravaganza! The annual Chewbacchanal hosts a wide array of magical delights, complete with stellar musical performances and interactive art installations all from the galaxy’s weirdest alliance of freaks and geeks.

Parade goers are encouraged to travel through the time-space continuum at the entrance on Poland Avenue and follow the Krewe into the Chewbacchanal. Prepare to be entranced by the musical stylings of legendary funk-rock band, the Morning 40 Federation (the Morning 42’s for one night only), Win Butler from Arcade Fire, DJ Quickie Mart, DJ Tristan Dufrene, DJ Mic Phedusa, and more. Pulsating electronic displays by the Dohmstar Collective light up the night on Marais Street where the sci-fi libations of Astro Tiki Lounge and several local food trucks will delight revelers. A multitude of cosmic concoctions await guests with spirited offerings from Patron Tequila, Not Your Father’s Root Beer, PBR, and Nola Brewery.

The Lizard King and his Krewe welcome the public to join the block party and Rock the Chewbacchanal!
What: Chewbacchanal Block Party
Where: 4321 St Claude Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70117
When: Post-parade 10pm
Tickets: $20 at door. $15 at door in costume. Purchase online through January 28th, 11:42PM . Tickets available at the door post-Parade
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some day...some day
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Cade Roux

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Whoops, Uber might themselves get disintermediated...

"disruptive technologies" - karma can be a bitch
Interview with Christopher David of Arcade City on building a decentralized, peer-to-peer ride-sharing service.
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Cade Roux

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New Orleans' first level 16 farm build

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Some pictures from V

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looks like a local toad i know 
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This is awesome! Congrats y'all from a neighbor to the east! #quack #PensacolaResistance
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At one time, Pilottown Post Office (,_Louisiana) was the holy grail of portals. Difficult to access due to Mississippi River navigation, non-existent (the post office had been gone for over a decade), consistently used by (green then blue) spoofer BeelzeBoudreaux and with a picture submitted from a very old blog post taken from the Internet.

It was submitted for removal (or moving) so many times over the years, it was hard to keep count.

It was the site of repeated naval battles (and part of green spoofer StRadaniya's triple water portal attack on October 30) leading up to Abaddon New Orleans and was then used to field the city at the final measurement once Martin Schubert shards had been safely scored to win the Abaddon series.

And with control of the seas, the Resistance Navy continued to use Pilottown and other water portals to field and control fielding of New Orleans.

Then one day, the Pilottown Post Office portal was just GONE. FINALLY, after the Resistance getting control of this portal and the seas, +NIA Ops had listened to our call for removal of the invalid portal! After all these years of work finally paying off, it was time to let it go.

The Resistance Navy and Blue Voodoo fielding team salute Pilottown with this tribute field using water portals in Barataria Pass, Lake Borgne, Lafitte, and Lake Maurepas (one of these will be gone very soon as well - it is on private residential property and has been submitted for removal many times - so look forward to OPERATION: REMEMBER OWL CREEK CAMP coming soon).


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I went from translucent to pale
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Have him in circles
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Had lunch there. The service was very slow to take our orders and the food was good, but nothing special. The shepherd's pie was too dry - not completely dried out, but too dry. I expect the beef used was just too lean and no real sign of gravy, but it had a good flavor. When you use really lean meat (my wife uses bison sometimes) for shepherd's pie, you have to mix in some other less lean meat otherwise it will dry up like this. My wife said her soup was good. I'm willing to give it another try.
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While my first visit was a disappointment in terms of service and organization, my recent visit on a busy weekend at lunch was not as frustrating. Their cash-only policy still catches people out at the counter. The hot dogs can be a bit unmanageable in their buns when loaded down. Go ahead and get them with the chef's choice of toppings unless you have a good idea what you want with your sausage. The sides of fries are enormous, so you might want to consider sharing them if you're with a group or forgoing them altogether if you have a lot of toppings on your wiener, sausage, bratwurst, frankfurter or hot dog. The selection of sausages is quite varied as is the bar selection.
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