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SR&ED - OIDMTC Consultant - Toronto - GTA - Research and development tax credit specialist / Ontario interactive digital media tax credit specialist
SR&ED - OIDMTC Consultant - Toronto - GTA - Research and development tax credit specialist / Ontario interactive digital media tax credit specialist

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Brain controlled technology requires consistent experimentation of new technology. Due to the nature of this sector, research and development projects are prominent. SR&ED is key for the growth of this sector.

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Made device for reading human thoughts / human mind reading machine / Brain Computer Interface. Discovery is not published. I invite partnership.  In particular, I have created a means for people with Locked - in Syndrome ( LiS ) and ALS ( such as British physicist Stephen Hawking or Steve Gleason problem ). About the problem look : Jack Gallant; Tom Mitchell and Marcel Just; John - Dylan Haynes, human mind reading machine etc.  I am sick and I can not to publish my discovery! 

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Developing digital games for  corporations can be a good thing if you're in Canada. Specifically Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec or Nova Scotia. In fact, even Manitoba recently got on the band wagon when it comes to refunding 40%-50% of your development costs. Now of course, your development costs would have to come from wages. So in essence, this is your labour cost. One caveat, if you are in Ontario, make sure that 25% of your total product development cost comes from salary based employees on T4's. So for example: If your digital game development cost is, let's say: $100,000. 25% or $25,000 would have come from internal employees on T4's.
You can actually learn a lot more about eligibility and see if your company would qualify. CTAP and MEDIA FUNDS have a questionnaire assessment tool that will ask you a bunch of questions and inform you whether or not you would qualify for this tax credit.
So do you get the money back in the form of a cheque ?
Yes you do. OIDMTC for Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit is a refundable tax credit or if you are in Quebec, the equivalent of this program is called CTMM (Crédit d'impôt remboursable pour la production de titres multimédias ). And if you are in British Columbia, it's IDMTC (Interactive digital Media Tax Credit), Nova Scotia , it's DMTC (Digital media tax credit). See if you are eligible for OIDMTC

Do any other types of interactive digital media products qualify for a tax credit?

Yes. If your corporation developed an educational product geared towards kids until the age of 12, there is a good chance that it will also qualify on the product level. There are numerous other types of requirements, but certainly E-Learning or Online training for childhood education is a good fit, as per the propped Ontario budget in 2015.

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#SRED for technology companies engaged in research and development for Portable Battery Chargers can recove on development cost associated with technological uncertainties and or advancements
New YouTube video is LIVE These are my Top 3 favorite power banks for charging my phone, which one was your favorite?

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Even activities that did not materialize and are deemed useless can be included in the SR&ED credit. Learn how you can recover 64% of your cost towards these  projects and brag about your failures.

SR&ED! How can it help your business?
A gift for the ones who have everything they want.
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Future display, touch screen would not be possible without research and experimental development and systematic investigation. Organizations that are incorporated in Canada that want to improve a process or advance technology can consider #SRED   to recover on #researchanddevelopment  activities.
Future display ,touch screen
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Augmented reality is an emerging technology with new possibilities for SR&ED and OIDMTC / IDMTC tax credit claims. Find out how you can implement Augmented reality to take advantage of the #sredtaxcredit
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Augmented Reality Tech turns an office into the space like the Star Wars

An augmented reality technology for enterprise applications was showcased at CES 2015. This AR technology aims to create a new digital environment that will allow people to naturally interact with augmented content in their physical surroundings.
refer to:

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Access #SRED tax redits for your #Manufacturing Business. processes SRED credits and can help recover your development cost.

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Robots! .. We've seen them in movies, played with them as kids and in fact most manufacturing facilities utilize robotics as part of the process in some way or another.

The following post takes Robotics, a branch of mechanical, electrical engineering and computer science to a whole new level. Research and development are crucial activities for corporations  that deal with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots. Learn how your company can access r&d tax credits. Not sure what SR&ED is? 

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Did your company experiment by systematic investigation and research and development? Did you Improve a process in design/engineering or manufacturing? SR&ED A.K.A SHRED or SRED is a refundable tax credit that allows you to recover on 64% of activities that pertain to research and development. for more information about R&D tax.

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Businesses that develop eLearning digital media products in Ontario using third-party tools, API's or technology may qualify for OIDMTC. To Learn more about OIDMTC or IDMTC, visit: 
Use our Qualification test under the OIDMTC section to determine eligibility.

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4 reasons your business should be using eLearning tools

The concept of eLearning focuses on the use of electronic media and information technology in education. The core idea is that anyone (with an internet connection) can have access to educational information, anywhere in the world. It’s like having thousands of students in one class, all in the front row, and they all focus on what the professor is teaching.

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