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C.S. MacCath
C.S. MacCath is a writer and PhD student of Folklore at the Memorial University of Newfoundland.
C.S. MacCath is a writer and PhD student of Folklore at the Memorial University of Newfoundland.

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Because we're spread out all over the world, Rhonda Parrish asked us to record an excerpt reading of our D IS FOR DINOSAUR stories for publication on her blog. Mine went live this morning. I recorded in a closet with my new voice recorder in one take, so it isn't perfect. But it was hella fun to do. Have a listen!

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+Rhonda Parrish told me to write a story with dinosaurs in it, so I gave her a novelette about a philosophical duel between a transhuman demigod and a luddite grandmother dying of cancer he calls the "little dinosaur." Because metaphor.

That story is out today in D IS FOR DINOSAUR along with stories by several fine wordsmiths of my acquaintance: Samantha Kymmell-Harvey, Sara Cleto, Beth Davis Cato, Michael M Jones, and others. Here's the first paragraph of mine:

"Her name is Alejandra Maria Yaotl, and she is desperate to squat here, in this ribbon of grass between armies, to defecate. But her knees do not permit squatting, and she knows the desperation is only a great, killing mass in her bowels making demands of the failing body it consumes from the inside out, a little more every day. So she walks; strands of white hair blowing about her eyes, bent spine unable to straighten, papery hand gripping the rough wooden knob of a cane. The punishing sun shines down on a spill of engine oil, a pool of chlorophyl, a gob of intestine crushed into the soil. Behind, there is a shuttle with a weeping grandson at the helm who begged her to stay home and die in peace. Ahead, there are the towering gates of a city-state that teaches its people how to perform it, a grand theatre of violence caked in the blood of its sacrificial victims, the place where she will die one way or another."

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THE LONGEST ROAD IN THE UNIVERSE is a Kindle Nation Daily sponsor today! Check it out. =)

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Now that "D Is for Duel/One Who Dies as a God Dies" is on its way into the D IS FOR DINOSAUR anthology, I'm working on a story for the next installment of THE ALPHABET ANTHOLOGIES series, and Rhonda has announced the title of that one on her blog this morning.

Interestingly, "D Is for Duel" is very much about evil, and it would have been a great story for either anthology. But I'm working on a cool thing for E IS FOR EVIL I hope folks will enjoy; a space opera revenge tale that has nothing to do with the current political climate.

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I'm guest blogging on Rhonda Parrish's web site today
about dinosaurs! Check it out.

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Powerful advocacy here. 

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FYI: D is for Dinosaur - which contains my story "D is for Duel/One Who Dies as a God Dies" - is available for pre-order on Amazon!

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So proud of this project.
The Your Vegan Fallacy Is project just keeps getting incrementally better. We've just upgraded our search interface to provide more meaningful feedback to search terms, and this works in all languages and all screen layouts. Next up, it seems about high time we started focusing on getting new fallacies up, so we'll start the wheels rolling on that process.

I've just learned that good friends are considering putting a quality speculative fiction and poetry journal on hiatus because of falling subscriptions. This is a journal that published quite a bit of my work over the years and gave it the opportunity to appear alongside Jane Yolen's work and Tanith Lee's work, among others.

So I'm wondering, if you're a reader, what do you read? What do you spend money on? Are you a novel-only person, or do you read short stories? If you read short stories, do you like anthologies with the work of many authors in them, or do you like single author collections? Do you prefer nonfiction? How much do you read, and how often? Do you read work published by independent authors, or do you prefer traditionally published work?

I've asked quite a few questions here, but I'm genuinely interested in the answers, both as a writer of fiction and a soon-to-be writer of academic nonfiction now. Where does your money for leisure reading go?

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At my blog: 2016 in Life and Writing
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