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Are you interested in getting $20 off your next repair or a free month of hosting? All you have to do is leave us a positive review!

A new Ransomware is making the rounds. DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING if you are getting pop ups on your computer that say anything similar to:

“Your computer has been infected with a virus. Click here to resolve the issue.”

“Your computer was used to visit websites with illegal content. To unlock your computer, you must pay a $100 fine.”

“All files on your computer have been encrypted. You must pay this ransom within 72 hours to regain access to your data.”

Instead, shut down the computer IMMEDIATELY and bring it in to CQ.

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We're offering free on-site evaluations and $100 credit for new or returning business computer repair customers. If you tried us in the past, or have been thinking about asking us for help, now is the time to contact us!

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Are you getting pop up messages when your browser isn't open? If you answered YES then chances are good that you have a virus. The most common ones say something like “Alert! Your computer might be infected with a virus,” and then offer free software to fix it.

At CQ we remove viruses and other nasty malware on a daily basis. AND we offer free evaluations.  So if you think you might have a virus, bring it down to us and we'll take a look free of charge!

Do you have a computer that needs to be cleaned for the school season? Bring it down to CQ and we'll get you ready for classes!
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