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I feel like I have come a long way, but still have a long way to go. I really don't know why my Skill Power is so low. I thought having an entire gearset would have been so much more beneficial. Seems to make more sense to have 4 from one and 2 of another to get benefits from both. The Mint gear makes no sense to me. Though I do like some of the talents. If you want to ➗ my Gamertag is ECLPS
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I am an #XBOXFan first, but also a #gamer. Certainly no #PONY here. But I do love #Sony I just wanted to share an interesting observation with my fellow #XBOX gamers. My brand new Sony 55" 4K Android TV lines up perfectly with my Sony Surround Sound system and my Sony Playstation 4. I really like how the lights match. I rented Uncharted 4 and it does look beautiful. I look forward to #ProjectScorpio and #4KGaming The future of gaming is so bright, I might have to wear #VR
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+General Brock 4k gaming is possible but it will be pointless as I've said without graphical enhancements or decent framerates. I wish more people would understand that 4k is just a resolution, sure a game will be super crisp but without proper lighting effects, shadowing, tessellation etc it won't be a better game. Perfect example is the older Dolphin Emulators, you could go up to 8k with them and even make custom textures in 8k but at the end of the day without graphics enhancements games like Twilight Princess or Metroid Prime looked exactly the same but clearer. Not saying you don't know this, just saying most console owners think 4k on a console and assume it'll look like 4k ultra settings on a pc which simply will not happen this generation.
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+C. Paul Mayfield​ oh no, not expansions😱 lol different gears, lol and then what? 
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Finally bought my last ride to fill my three garages. This isn't it, but it is how I blew most of my money. That bad ass Bordeaux Coil Brawler was the last piece of my whhhip puzzle. Everything is pimped to the maximum and my taste. #SeeYouOnTheStreetsOfLosSantos
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+Kevin Bustamante​ come on back. +Grand Theft Auto V​ is only getting better. 
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I have to ask, what is the best turntable for under $500?
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That looking good
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Got this purp off Amazon. Nice quality.
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Officially ready for the #XBOXOneS and #ProjectScorpio I got my 4K TV from Amazon and I am psyched to see what 4K gaming is like.
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+Robert Ricardo upscales every game to 4k tho .still good 
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I am finally ready for +Tom Clancy's The Division​Falcon Lost Incursion. Everything is Golden except my pistol's muzzle. But who uses their pistol? My Gamertag is ECLPS if you want to 🎮 sometime. 
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+Raw photography Rob Gt-Dnrob78 I have gotten a few emerald items, but they all drop my stats too much. Someone said you have to get the entire gearset for it to be any good. 
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Just got a 2014 Nissan Juke SV in Bordeaux Black. Plenty of mods planned. I will keep you updated. 
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go over to lots of mods and great info on there. Do a search for wine rack grille covers on the forum. Your Turbo is exposed on the lower left. Put these on the front holes. The covers will protect the Turbo and the lower radiator from rocks and gravel. Once again enjoy Juke-ing around!!!
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Finally got my first Gold item. Today was a good day cuz I got my A.K.

BTW My DZ rank is 25, not 1.
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+C. Paul Mayfield it's a great song, but thanks anyways
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Shy of a grip and a mod, everything is purple in my ➗ 
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+LORD DEATH that's the word in the forums. No idea what performance advantages they'll have over the current yellows.
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I am a former dolphin trainer and videographer. I got to spend four years as a D.J. I moved from one dream job to another. Now I am trying to find the right job in the Atlanta area.
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Ten years of Dolphin Training wasn't enough, I had to become D.J. and a videographer.
Currently figuring it out.
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Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

Listen free to Beastie Boys – Hot Sauce Committee Part Two (Make Some Noise, Nonstop Disco Powerpack and more). 16 tracks (44:11). Hot Sauce


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I have been visiting this salon for nearly a year on a monthly basis for pedicures. I get terrible ingrown toenails and I figured out a little over a year ago that this prevents them. I won't name the girl who does such a phenomenal job because I don't want her so busy she doesn't have time for me. I am selfish that way. She is the best.
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Just another typical car dealership. They try to create an air of specialty by projecting a "Carmax" like pricing, but really everything is negotiable. I really expected better and was let down.
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This place has some cool stuff you won't find anywhere. $6 glass pieces. Must visit every time I'm in the A.
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Best video store in the Upper Keys. Why pay more at Blockbuster or Redbox when you can rent it for half the price at Tropical PC. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.
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I have been bringing my bike to John for over a year and he is great. Very professional and personable at the same time. Trust your motorcycle repairs to no one else.
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Best place in Florida to interact with marine life. Swimming with the dolphins, sea lions, and sting rays at TOTS will get you more interaction than anywhere else. Great live shows combined with a caring staff makes it a must visit for anyone. Be sure to say hi to Duffy for me.
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Closest good theater. See most of my movies here. Only better is IMAX and Bistro cinema.
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