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Find out how you can get $2000 cash back on your #solar install and a loan to finance it. #sustainableenergy  

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After winning a tender earlier this year, CPS Solar has installed a 25kW system at Cashmere High School during the July School holidays. This is the first part of a two part renewable energy project that sees 35,000kWh of energy generated per year, saving 4 tonnes of carbon per year!

The second part will a 2kW wind turbine, due to be installed later this year.

This project was made possible through a grant from Zayed Future Energy Prize.

#solarschools #WINAICO #Fronius #ZFEP

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Introducing the smart new #hybridsolar  inverter system coming to New Zealand. #RedbackTechnologies  reckon they have cracked the formula for the most cost-effective solar storage system on the market. Find out why.

#solar   #solarpower    #solarenergy  

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While the children of Bluestone School, Timaru are away enjoying school holidays, the CPS Solar crew have joined a team from Dimension Building and are hard at work installing at 30kW solar photovoltaic system at the school.
Bluestone School joins a growing number of solar schools in New Zealand that are enjoying lower energy costs, including Lyttelton Primary School, Maungaraki School and Naenae Primary School. We will be undertaking another major solar schools project at Cashmere High School later this year, watch this space!

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The solar industry has been going through rapid change and has seen significant innovation over recent years. As a result, solar power systems for home-owners and businesses have become cheaper and more efficient. Possibly one of the biggest innovations has been in the area of lithium-ion battery storage, especially for use in hybrid solar energy systems.

We’ve been doing research on the topic, as well as our own in-house testing. Check out what we've found.

#Solar #SolarBattery #HybridSolar #LGChem

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The future of solar is here right now! Check out our #10StarHomes project on One News +10starhomesNzLtd #solar

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Exciting times for Lyttelton! Lyttelton Main School recently merged with Lyttelton West School to form Lyttelton Primary School. A new building, due to be completed by the end of April, will complete the merger.

Part of the construction included transferring the existing #solarPV system from Lyttelton Main School onto the new building. It is now starting to take shape and we're excited to be part of this project!

#rebuildchch #solarschools

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The #Superhome movement is gaining momentum. NZ's first #10Star showhome in Christchurch proves that energy-efficiency doesn’t have to be costly. It’s about using existing technology in a clever way. Simple but smart. #solar

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Six good reasons for switching to hybrid #solar power 

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The buzz in #solar  right now is about hybrid inverters...maximise your solar energy efficiency by storing and self-consuming. Find out more:
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