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CP Family Network wishes you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!
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"This is my Hero! Rene just turn 19 while was in the hospital with pneumonia. He was really sick but as always he fought to recover and be home with his family again, René is fighter. He never gives up!"
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In the News - 2-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy Walking After Stem Cell Infusion

"Doctors have used cord blood for decades to help with blood disorders and some other diseases, but now a handful of new studies show those same cells can travel up to baby’s brain and heal injured areas."
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Our Stand for CP fundraiser has come to a close. There has been a tremendous outpouring of support from our community throughout the duration of this fundraising campaign, and we wish to thank everyone for their donations and involvement!
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Donate to Important Brain and Muscle CP Research!

Clinical stem cell trials using a patient's own cord blood have gained traction overseas and made headlines for the limitless possibilities cord blood cells posses in potentially curing brain and muscle disorders.

In the U.S., theses stem cell trials are only made possible through private donations, and are not widely publicized like they are overseas.

“There are clinical stem cell studies around the world that have shown significant improvement for people with CP. We just need to do it in the United States and build on that.” Ed Drambel, whose son is in a bone marrow stem cell study at the University of Texas at Houston.

Visit our campaign page to donate and learn how your donations help those in need.
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Cerebral palsy research makes a difference, but time is running out!

Our fundraising campaign to support regenerative medicine trials and research is coming to a close in 8 days, but it is not too late to show your support. Make a donation on our Stand for CP campaign page and read more about how regenerative medicine is helping the lives of those with cerebral palsy.
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Stand for CP and help children like John.

Your donations to the “Stand For CP” campaign go directly to help children like John who has cerebral palsy. Do you have a photo of a special person in your life who has CP? Submit it to our Stand for CP campaign page and we'll honor them on our Stand for CP Supporters Wall. Show your support and Stand for CP today!
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"I would love to nominate my big sister Luz Valeria Ortiz. She was born in 1975 with severe CP due to being deprived of oxygen for almost an hour while being born. The hospital and staff did not have the experience or knowledge to deal with what happened to her, and almost killed her and my mother. My parents also found out she was not the only case at that hospital. We were always told that she would only live to 8 years, maybe. My parents were told to institutionalize her, because the stress of caring for a child with CP would be too much. Well, we just celebrated her 40th Birthday surrounded by our huge family. Her smile and spirit moves anyone who meets her. In her life, she has visited the bottom of a waterfall, she has ridden roller coasters, and has been a loyal LA Lakers fan her whole life. She has graduated high school and college. Valerie has led a full and happy life. She is a kindred spirit who loves everyone she meets. Even after loosing our mother two years ago on 8/10/13, she stayed strong. Luz Valeria Ortiz is my hero, and she should be an inspiration to all."
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"This is my nomination for hero of the day! Hailey is 9 years old and a true inspiration to everyone! She is always happy and full of love! She has even started her own page called Hailey's wings!"
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Hey princess !! 
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Last day to donate!

Our Stand for CP Fundraiser ends tomorrow, but you can still make a difference! 100% of your donations will be used to fund brain and muscle medical research for children with CP. Make a donation today and Stand for CP research!
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Your Donations Fund Brain and Muscle CP Research!

Every dollar of your 100% tax-deductible donations fund important brain and muscle research utilizing cord blood in hopes of finding a cure for CP.

“In addition to use in patients with malignant and genetic diseases, cord blood is showing enormous potential for use in the emerging fields of cellular therapies and regenerative medicine. Cord blood derived vaccines against viruses and certain types of cancers are currently under development and in early phase clinical trials.” Joanne Kurtzberg, MD. Chief Scientific Officer, Robertson Clinical and Translational Cell Therapy Program.

Visit our campaign page to donate and learn more about the limitless possibilities of cord blood cells.
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Make A Difference in Cerebral Palsy Research

“In medical school, we were taught that the body could not repair brain injury. Recent work using stem cells to treat brain injury shows that repair is possible. We need to do more studies to better understand how brain repair works. so that this process can be better understood.” - Dr. Charles Cox Jr, Professor of Pediatric Surgery, UT Health Medical School (from

Our fundraiser, "Stand for CP", was started to fund such studies in regenerative medicine and help improve the quality of life for those living with CP. Our fundraiser ends on November 17, so make a donation today and Stand for CP!
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Legal and Medical Resources to Empower Cerebral Palsy Families
Cerebral Palsy Family Network is a 501-C3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide medical and legal resources for families and their children with cerebral palsy. We’re families with children who have cerebral palsy caused by preventable birth injuries that happened during pregnancy, labor and delivery. We want to provide answers and prevent this from happening to others. The CP Family Network is also committed to serving all families affected by cerebral palsy to help them find the assistance, resources, and support they need.
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