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You won't be seeing Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas on a box of Wheaties. Kellogg's has already swooped in and reached a deal to put her picture on a box of Corn Flakes. 
Gabby Douglas' gold medal in gymnastics positions her to grab the most post-games endorsements.
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good for her, all that hard work paid off
She seems like a really high quality person with her feet on the ground.  I hope she can stay that way.  And I like seeing someone like that prospering.  Go Gabby!!!
There's plenty to go around. Wheaties can always grab Phelps or any of the other medalist. Congrats to all the medalist.
Her hard work pays off. She very well deserves it, Congrats!
Congratulations to Gabby Douglas! Her hard work is paying off.
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