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BREAKING: Apple stock hits all-time high of $644.13, making company worth more than $600 billion.
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How many tax breaks do they get from this administration?
Wondering what the valuation would be w/o the near slave labor?
There is also an interesting study I just read about the benefits and their distribution on an Apple product. It basically argues that most of the work is done abroad, BUT more than 50% of the benefits stays in the US to US employees having "higher added value jobs" like designers, ...
The author goes on arguing that bringing those jobs back would not particularly create wealth domestically.
Wow that is crazy, congratulations to the person who bought it at $100 and held till now.
+Grégory Bataille A link to that study would be appreciated. I'd especially like to see the math used to arrive at the conclusion those thousands of manufacturing jobs would be of little domestic benefit.
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