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BB10 will have 'minimised' fragmentation, BlackBerry vows.
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If RIM has to talk about fragmentation with their own devices, I'm already scared of their phones.
Bb has a all touchscreen and a physical keyboard phone. Its already a fragmentation from the beginning. 
They say "Minimized" fragmentation, word fragmentation shouldn't be there if you are making the OS and the hardware.

I don't see any fragmentation on iPhones.
Okay I checked out videos of the OS and trust me I found it decent compared to something like BB7.

I like the idea of everything messaging integrated, but verge says its not that good.
+Yaser Farid they made a whole video introducing a feature that's like Windows movie maker. If that's what they show off, well...
Fragmentation is a good thing. It means consumers have a much broader choice of device.
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