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Apple and Samsung were responsible for 103% of smartphone profits in 2012:
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More like Apple math. If the numbers add up to more than 100%... magical!
Well how you count this. I broke my S3, no ins and still one more year before renewal. I end up getting the note 2 at full price. Love the note 2 it's F awesome. 
It seems CNet not only doesnt understand math, but they fail pretty bad at G+ as well. Simply trying to drive readers to their articles instead of actually engage them. +CNET you dont have time for us...I dont have time for you.
+Mathew Snyder that may be simple mathematics, but this is simple economics. Look at it this way, if the average net income(revenue - expense) of the entire. industry is $1 million, and my company makes $1.03 in revenue, then I have made 103% of the profits.
+Jared Schwartz I understand what you are trying to say, but that is not a correct way to state that. You could say that you made 3% more than the average, or 103% of the average, but when you state that you made 103% of the profits you are now talking about all of the profits and not the average profit, of which you only made a much smaller percentage and the sum of all competitors % of the pie must equal 100%. 
Wow people dont know how percents work. Let me write these posts. Wow. 
By not including that it's an average (I'm assuming it is), you sound 103% stupid. lol
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