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Regular old analog watch? Nuh uh. The Citizen's Proximity Bluetooth watch syncs date and time with an iPhone and receives e-mail and calendar alerts:
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great, not only the phone will beep at you but your watch will too...neat.
+John Borgen don't you love it when you post something on Facebook and you can hear several devices in the room all buzz/beep at the same time?
pretty cool, no need to take it out of your pocket to check for ghost vibrations
+Harry Watson is the first person in all of my life to notice that my last name is often a girls first name.  Most only associate it with being derived from the Latin word for Christ's Birth.  Good for you, Harry, for having the ability to point out the obvious and for being delusional enough to think you are the first to do so.  Why don't you tell everyone that great joke you made up about the chicken crossing the road next! 
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