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That other social network launched a job board app. Do you think they can take on LinkedIn?
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facebook won't be around for much longer it's dying
I been tired of facebook, bloated and a mess. Using Google+ a little bit more. All social media sites are doomed to fail eventually.
I'm not sure LinkedIn should be worried about competition from the place where everybody posts pictures of their babies, and of themselves drunk-dancing on tables.
Sure, the way personal info is broadcasted in Facebook I see lawsuits in the future from people who lost jobs because of their interaction with recruiters got to their employers "unintentionally".
Jose valerio it sucks for the iPhone too! 
+Sam Hunt LinkedIn is where professional's go to connect. It doesn't have the drunk frat house party feel that FB has.
Would I trust my drunken photos to an employer? Especially when I'm applying for photography work? I think not...
+Jose valerio why'd you have to go there? Not cool bro. 
Does anyone take anything on FB seriously? I love it when people give me news they read on FB, cause it's always wrong!
The Facebook app for android is one of the worst just behind Ebay.
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