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just made the switch over last night
It's not bad, but if you already have a Gmail account - why bother?
Didn't know you could change color. The blue is giving me a headache.
My Hotmail was switched to Outlook. For some reason the mobile page is all jacked up on my n4 now. Always getting errors 
Surely well done, but there's no appeal for me to change to Nothing new and amazing as far as I can see.
I think Outlook is great. However, it is not good enough to lure me from Gmail.
The "Don't Get Scroogled By Google Campaign" is full of lies! "Unable to opt out of adverts." Actually, there is an option in your Ads settings that allows you to do that, though the new ads may be irrelevant.
"+Google  reads every word of every message." Actually, they have virtually brainless, fully automated "spiders" that go through and pick up key words and phrases. As far as I know, they don't sell your info to advertisers, they only get paid by advertisements to allow their product to be advertised in the email window (if my explanation makes sense (-:). There are also applets for your email that remove the ads and either replace it with another service (eg: contact info), or just blank space.
+Diego Giagio In my opinion, my data is safe at Google. Privacy arguement is not valid for me - unless someone gives me a clear and actually severe cause of privacy fraud that is done by Google or any other company, I'm away. Certainly not for Privacy reasons but because the company lies to me, and I absolutely hate that.

By the way: Microsofts lousy "omg Google scans yo email" campaign is definately not such thing. Google clearly says that they are doing this to display ads. It's not like Google employees read your emails - why would anyone do that, anyway?
I get more out of having a Google account than having one with Microsoft 
You can't even drag and drop with GMAIL . archaic. has right click, folders, drag and drop, synchronizes with Windows 8, a superb calendar... Makes GMAIL look like a donkey from 1820
+Pierre Kerbage Drag and drop... What for? You have it available for file uploads at Google, too. GMail is synced with Android devices and can be installed as an app to any Windows PC. Google Calender works like a charm and is integrated into Gmail after all.
So why does Gmail look like a donkey now?
+Pierre Kerbage actually, you can drag+drop. How long have you had gmail that you don't know that? All you have to do is click on the far left side of the message (while viewing an entire label {"inbox," "friends"}), past the checkbox and drag to whatever label you want it to be in.
+Jack Reed Interesting. Just tried it. It did work. Thank you - That's 1 item solved. But the rest still looks archaic to me. I will stick with Microsoft Exchange and the polished and awesome look of Microsoft Outlook 2013. By comparison, Gmail looks like what we had 20 years ago. A bit too underpowered.
+Pierre Kerbage  OK, but if you don't like the style, change your theme in settings, as well as how your page lays out (Compact), and add some labs and add-ins. However, if you like Outlook and are satisfied with them, I'm not going to try (too hard) to dissuade you from them.
+Jack Reed. Thank you sir. It is useful. Sincerely appreciate you !
No problem! Glad to help. 
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