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The Italian I'm Watch is big, bold, and runs real Android. Check out our hands-on:
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+CNET This looks like something one would see on the streets of Lincoln Road or Ocean Drive in South Beach Miami
It's useful to someone that wants to be outside and be connected at the same time, in my opinion.
I still can't imagine actually using one of these but at least they made one that can function on it's own without having to be connected to a phone. Makes it seem a little more practical. 
I stopped listening at "Running real Android 2.1"
Shame on the company that produce it cause they use a OS 5 years old :@
Call it a watch...can't show time without connecting it to a smartphone...the amount of geniuses in this world is to damn high _'
This one actually doesn't need to be connected to a phone +steven baks but you're ultimately still right. It's not practical but everybody wants to make one anyway.
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