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Don't want to carry both an e-reader and a smartphone? The YotaPhone has e-ink on one side and LCD on the other:
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Today, I am downgrading to a "dumb" flip phone, there is no need for a smart phone when you have a tablet. 
This is perfect for my wife. Increase battery life for long commutes. 
NO.  I have an EVO 4G LTE, my screen is large enough to read books, magazines.  The idea is to carry less, not more!
Why not use your smartphone as an ereader? Am I missing something here? I have booth books and comics on my smartphone.
+Tom J Do what works best for you! :o)  

I personally think ereaders (7" and below) and smartphones are redundant.
I would like to see a Nexus e-ink device. Another shot back at Amazon. Then Google Play books would be much more inviting (as well as 3rd party ebook stores already available)
Why not make it a clamshell with a larger eink screen on the inside?
i think it makes more sense to have an e-ink on the back of a 7 inch (or bigger) device. I can see it being very interesting with the Note 8.0 with the stylus for example to become a true alternative for a notepad
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