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For an iWatch to be great, Apple must innovate in batteries:
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Apple doesn't innovate, they imitate. 
Someone anyone for the love of smartphones needs to fuckin reinvent the battery.
Enough with the iWatch already! How about no mentioning of an Apple watch until there's rumor of a leaked wrist strap found in Taiwan somewhere. Then, more time piece news pieces.
Just build in a rechargeable Li-on battery, and people can plug in their watch every night.
It won't sell, sheep don't wear watches.
"iWatch" sounds like something a peeping Tom does. 
Agreed, battery technology has to improve dramatically, but for all devices, and including they way EV operate. Hopefully we can find an environmentally friendly and longest lasting battery at the same time.
Who still wears watches?  But seriously, if apple makes a watch that has a phone in it, that might be the ultimate device.
J. Yip
Solar powered charging
Agreed, if only an effective solar charging, or as I hear recently, a motion charging mechanism!
i have a self winding watch... never had to plug it in to charge or change a battery. what advantage does this have over my current watch.
Rumor going around that the next Lumia phone from Nokia will have solar charging.  I don't think you will see apple take a chance like that with technology that is not proven.
I'm curious why cnet has a love affair with apple
i - Wat????
By the way, it looks ugly!
I think this manufactured war between those that are Apple users and those that aren't is passé. Let it go. Apple is a force right now because people are buying their products in large enough volumes to be reported on. I appreciate the diversity and, more importantly, the competition that has pushed Apple Microsoft, and Google to improve for all of our benefits. The "dog fooding" mentality has prevented all of us from being honest about our own work and respecting the competition enough to motivate and innovate. 
They should make it solar powered
Frakk the watch. I want the battery to be innovated. But knowing Apple they might as well copy something else.
Only thing that irritates me is that apple takes technology that has already been done and all of the sudden it becomes "revolutionary" like the idea for smartwatches, I have seen them being sold for years, the hype about a fingerprint scanner for the iPhone also been done.

I am all for technology but I am more intrigued by game changers, not twist on old ideas I will give apple a A for effort though. I am interested to see how their watch will work compared to others I have seen. 
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