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Has Jelly Bean 4.2.2 fixed your Nexus 4?
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Nope, screen still far too liable to pick up scratches ;) Otherwise a great phone though; I was a little nervous about ditching the iPhone after 5 years but haven't regretted it yet.
the only problem i had with the N4 is battery life...i doubt a software patch can fix that..
Nexus 4 is a great phone but had to ditch it cuz of its bugs,bugs and bugs...
Yes my wifi to 3G transfer now works before I had to put it in flight mode on and off 
Gnote 2 is thw best phone...4.2.2 and screen on battery is still 6hrs+.....suck it nexus
Michael jenkins+I live in south Africa..Got my gt-n7105 64gb for R7500+-$700 MONEY WELL SPENT AND YOU'LL NEVER LOOK BACK
+clifford hammond It seriously looks that way. I was contemplating getting a Nexus for the price, but my MVNO is on a CDMA network and we're finally getting LTE speeds in Tennessee, USA. Gotta love that 1.6 GHz processor!
+Michael Jenkins i had a nexus 4 and also fell in love with it....Point is you never truly enjoy the phone seeing that your main concern is always your battery draining..with the Note 2 that problem is solved instantly.
As a true android fan i can honestly tell the main visible bugs in nexus 4. Everyone is facing but few are telling/noticing them.
1. Battery life
2. Buzzing sound from earpiece
3. Front camera not very clear
4. No 4.2.2 update in the UK
I'm in the UK and got 4.2.2 via an OTA update that was pushed to my phone last Thursday. I'm on three though, so maybe it's influenced by your network?
+CNET , no problem with my N4 prior to 4.2.2 and at 4.2.2. Perhaps it is due to some apps related issues? No idea. I don't have that many apps installed.
Both the mike and the head phone are of terrible terrible quality! That's a hardware issue right there.
I'll stick with my Galaxy Nexus
+Anardo Cuello just curious. Are you using a 4-pole earphones with mic? I used one from my old phone. The sound was terrible. Then I switch to a 3-pole earphones and the sound is great. As for the mic, no comments. Seems OK with me.
Didn't fix my Bluetooth properly now awaiting the next update
+Lucky Rihal my battery life is fine, never noticed a buzzing, front camera is good enough for Skype and 4.2.2 had been available for about a week now in the UK
I am talking about the stock speakers, and mike on the phone it self. I can't never hear other people well enough. Other people also have a difficult time hearing me.
I got it for my n7 3 days ago but still nothing for my n4
+clifford hammond do you have 4.2.2 on your g note 2? I'm stuck on 4.1.1 unlocked unsubsidized yet can't even get 4.1.2 
I just got my Nexus 4 at the beginning of the month but I have had no problems that I see people talking about online with mine.
Never had a problem with my Nexus 4.
I have both 4 and 7 running 4.2.2 and I've seen no issues whatsoever.
Irrelevant picture, that's a nexus 7 :P
The update fixed my blutooth and battery issue. It hasn't rebooted since I bought the nexus 4. I have no other major issues since buying the phone or after the update. 
I had mine for a week before 4.2.2 and was disappointed with the battery life. But now it is definitely much better.
N4 is best phone I have ever owned. No issues before or after update.
i didnt have any issues before or after with mine and i think the battery life is very good.  i think most battery problems stem from miss managment of power and radio settings  or shitty apps installed
My bluetooth does not work very well
i think thats more of a bluetooth issue cause the bluetooth problem i have is the same problem my thunderbolt and droid had or its just a bug with android in general
It's funny because it work well on my Galaxy Nexus the Bluetooth also work will with my htc 1 x plus and don't get me wrong I love phone
i like the phone as well but everything seems to have a couple pro's and con's  bluetooth isnt a deal breaker
No it's not I just answer a question about 4.2 .2
I didn't notice any problems that needed fixing
I haven't got the update yet 😡
No restarts at all for me 
I didnt know it needed fixed, never had any issues here
No problems with mine. 4.2.2 has improved the battery life. But even on 4.2.1 it was much better than my galaxy nexus.
+clifford hammond that's the problem, have to turn to 3rd parties to get latest updates...Samsung are a joke of a company
+Don Felipe I'm running rootbox with sj kernal1800mhz and its got all the good stuff paranoid,vanilla,aokp settings etc.S-pen does not work nor does multi-window but 5-8hrs screen on time.
My n4 wasnt broke before. still on 4.2.1
Ya, what issues are they talking about?
Don't know about fixing it. The GPS takes longer to get a lock, but battery life went up about 35%.
I think they mean the random restarting and wifi fixes.  Still reports have shown that many nexus 4s are restarting due to overheating.  This patch won't fix the overheating problem.  So it depends on what is causing your restarts.  Still it doesn't hurt to update.
Interesting.  I am not running the stock ROM, but ParanoidAndroid and have experienced none of these issues.  In fact, I was surprised that the Nexus 4 doesn't get hotter, as many phones I've used get really hot (Motorola Droid 3 and Galaxy S3)

A number of us in the same office have the issue with both our Nexu 7's and galaxy nexus phones after the 4.1.2 update. With the phones it seems to happen after losing signal in the basement and connecting to wifi all devices go in to a reboot loop. This also happens with our tablets which are wifi only so I think the issue is with the wifi, we changed routers for a newer model but had the same issue. We have done factory resets but the issue still persists even with just the stock apps so no alledged bad apps are installed. GOOGLE FIX THIS NOW!!!! 4.2.2 has not helped the issue is the same
Cc J
No problems on N4. I learned to not play on my phone. The battery last more than 14 hours.
I find it interesting that people are experiencing such a wide variety of issues. My chief complaint is battery life, and 4.2.2 didn't offer measurable improvement for me.
No, no problems with either my Nexus 4 or 7. Both work great and I don't have 4.2.2 update, yet.

My problem is with my empty bank account. 
My Nexus 7 is perfect in every way after the update. There were a few extremely minor glitches such as pulling down a notification bar to see it shoot back up when I let go of the touch screen, which are all gone! ^_^
Haven't had any issues with my Nexus 4 at all.  I was anticipating the release of 4.2.2 since I read about it about a week ago.  Finally got pushed to mine today.  All was great before, and still is.
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