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All your Android rumors, all in one place:
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I feel that bragging about the fact that you report rumors is a really bad sign for your company as a serious news outlet.
+Steve Broome I completely disagree. Rumors are often rooted in truth, and, in technology often come true.
"Rumors are often rooted in truth, and, in technology often come true."

They're often rooted in guessing designed to fill the 24 hours news cycle, as evidenced by not only tech but sports reporting.
Really? A web blog fulfilling the needs of the 24hr news cycle? That's just ablittle pessimistic isn't it? You read the article. How about people who want to kniw what is and what may be coming down the pipe? I suggest that it fulfills the needs or wants of their readers rather than that of the 24hr news cycle.
I don't consider it pessimistic to say that a website which just posted about "this week's most salacious rumors" in this thread is foregoing decent journalistic standards in favor of cheap page views.
We can agree to disagree. I for one to read these rumors.
I don't know what your last sentence means.
I for one like and want to read these rumors
The specs on that motorola x sound like thats how we all WANT it to be rather than sth realistic :-) 
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