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I trust CNET as much as the salesman on the picture. Plasma better than LED? No way; go and check the picture quality yourselves in the shops before you buy. Bought a sony LED 3d last year and it's much better than any plasma or LCD. Watching plasma used to give me eye strain but with LEDs no such problem.
Some of this happen to me at a Best Buy. A laugh my a## off when I heard the one about the HDMI cable, and the sales guy was serious. 
+Vidyadhar Navale , you should do some research. Plasma TVs will get you the best picture quality hands down. LEDs are only the most expensive and most hyped TVs because they are the newest. They are marketed the most. Panasonic plasma TVs are the best on the market. Especially their high end TVs. That's why CNET has rated Panasonic plasma TVs the best TVs for the past few years. Honestly. 
+Zachary Bugay I know what you are saying but as they say be beauty is on the eyes of the beholder and unless you keep an open mind and check all the TV's yourselves its not wise decision just to buy it based on reviews.yes I did see the high end Panasonic plasmas before but found the sony and Samsung LEDs sharper and more pleasant to watch. But I agree that the shops you get a lot of useless advise esp about warranties and accessories.
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