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Does this mean prices will drop I will finally be able to afford a good gaming PC?
I highly doubt the desktop is done.  Diminishing certainly but the phones and tablets of today just can't touch a desktop and certainly not for large groups of users out there whose requirements wouldn't be met.  The fact that Intel is pulling out just leaves room for innovation from other companies.  Which is just what that space requires. It's been stagnant and dominated by large players who don't know how to innovate and I welcome their exit from this market.
The times,they are a'changing
+Julian Maytum While I'm super hard core for the desktop, I think the main market today is in the institutional sector: universities, companies, the government etc.
The vast majority of Intel's desktop boards were horrible anyway. 
Read the article. Anyway, a desktop is not replaceable even with the more powerful laptops right now. I have smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. I still resort to my desktop when needing raw computing power. Tablets are handy but they still aren't a replacement for even a laptop at this point in time.

MSI and Gigabyte will still be making mobos and Intel will continue to make chips to support high-end mobos. I would like to see mobo manufacturers make mobos that will use multiple mobile chips on each board. There is no end to the customization possibilities. 
is it going to be BYOB now?
Strange that CNET uses the term "desktop circuit board" in the title of the article and then motherboard throughout the article. Why not use motherboard in the title? Guess only an editor could answer that question.
Because it's clearer. Laptop computers also use motherboards. But they are decreasing production of Desktop motherboards
+Brian Glassman I have to disappoint you this means exactly the other. Finally intel realized that they put in a lot of effort to create better and better platform each year with an extremely thin profit margin while in other departments like laptops and tablets etc other companies making tons of money with nothing.

Desktop pc power to price ratio was always the best. This is going to fade. 
Huh? The title says desktop. So how does using circuit board instead of motherboard make it any clearer? Run that by me again. Why not say Intel to wind down desktop mother board business.
Does it really matter? I understood what the publisher was trying to articulate 
It matters to me or I would not have posed the question. If it doesn't matter to you, just don't feel compelled to give us your two cents worth.
Well, now you can get all the stuff of a desktop on a laptop or tablet. 
My two cents worth was a non specific statement and was not intended to be directed to anyone in particular, however, I have just as much right to comment as I will.
Servers belong in racks, not on desktops. I game on huge hd tvs, not pcs. The Desktop will survive, but I cannot see buying another one. 
Um, my desktop is connected to a HD TV...
Oh, and you can get a Raspberry Pi, which is extremely good. And it has its own version of minecraft.!
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