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Microsoft's Surface Pro is coming soon.

Here's our hands-on:
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The pro should be amazing. The price is a little much to swallow, but a tablet of that magnitude running a full version of windows 8 is damn hard to ignore.
+Rob von Stürcken Based on the specs and functionality, this device is more comparable to something like the $999 Macbook Air or other ultrabooks. It's not really a tablet even though it looks like it. It runs a full Windows 8 on it. It's a true hybrid like the Thinkpad Helix or Ideapad Yoga. 
Trying to decided aganist this and the samsung ativ smart pc pro
My next pc would be a surface pro period. This is a dream tablet. All other tablets are merely time pass.
It is laptop with touchscreen and without keyboard. It's not a tablet! Check battery life, weight ...
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