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I can make a drinking game out of this it just hasn't come to me yet.
Alcohol is naturally broken down into acetaldehyde by your liver, and the acetaldehyde is generally considered the main culprit as to what causes hangovers (in addition to dehydration and fatigue).  If this nanotech treatment just instantly breaks down whatever alcohol you consume into acetaldehyde, then that could really suck.  However, if it also converts the acetaldehyde into a more inert substance, that could be great!
The old Get Smart tv show had something like this. Max could drink as much as he wanted without getting drunk. One caveat don't swallow the pill. You can figure out the rest.:-) 
This would destroy the lives of fat chicks everywhere.
+Stephen Jansen I dunno man, I have known more than a handful of guys throughout my life who prefer fat chicks.
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