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Last night's election was a victory for quants like Nate Silver, who correctly predicted the results in all 50 states:
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Impressive.  I wonder where all of the republicans that were claiming poll bias, predicting a romney landslide, and bashing nate are now?  I suppose reading fox, drudge, and breitbart to come up with their rationalizations.  Regardless of your opinion on the outcome, Nate Silver did a good job. 
Actually, Nate Silver was secretly working with the illuminati, they'd planned out the end result of the election a year ago and used their mind control to have the electronic voting machines register the votes to match what Nate put forward in his "calculations", that's the only reasonable explanation for him getting it so close.

Or, Nate knows his stuff when it comes to statistical analysis and math and presented a non-partisan-biased projection based on facts, not fear/uncertainty/doubt being spewed by pundits. Yeah, on second thought, I'll go with that :). Nate is the man :)
Nate Silver predicted nothing; he estimated probabilities and most likely outcomes. Big difference. In particular he did not "predict Obama would win Florida"; he estimated a lead in the polls of 0.02%. Don't get me wrong, I love fivethirtyeight and Silver does a great job, but to confuse probabilities with predictions is to fundamentally misunderstand everything the man does.
See its geeks and nerds who can add value to the world, not uneducated thugs and pundits
OK then that is just SUPER weird and mean
That's the thing about statistics; they have a chance of being right!
Well, it's well known that facts have a liberal bias, right? :)
Republicans claim to be the party of fiscal responsibility huh? They do know that means you need to have an understanding of how numbers work don't they? How many of the republican "intellectuals" called the numbers exactly the opposite? Almost all of them! Maybe their economic ideologies only makes sense to them because they have their own "special" math. Just a thought. 
And there aren't any clowns on CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC?  They wrote the book on being idiots.
+Richard Holmes I didn't say it was a good chance. ;-)
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