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I'm for it, never use my phone while driving anyways... MT 6spd 93db exhaust.. kinda pointless IMO
Yeah! Why not? Anything to distract the public from what really needs fixing in this country.
The cell phone is just a symptom of distracted driving, not the cause.

Besides, we've seen legislation try to bad cell phones while driving, it's always a bad time because the language is so shoddy. (Can I use it as GPS? What about for is using Pandora different than a radio?)
Oh, is this being sponsored by Garmin and FM radio corps? :p
Absolutely!!! As someone who has observed how badly people walk while using cell phones, there is no question in my mind that there should be a ban on cell phone use while driving.
+Henry James Ball how does UK legislation define "using your phone"?

I'm curious because I don't see how using Pandora is any worse than using an FM radio, or using Google Maps is worse than using my GPS? And ALL legislation i've seen (in the US) considers these "using your phone"
Think it's just texting and making calls if it's in a car dock and your using it as a sat nav is legal.
The problem isn't in your hands, its how long your eyes are staring at the phone. People can't police themselves which is why these politicians keep taking away rights. Stop it people, stop it.
A cell phone is inherently no more distracting than a radio, a screaming child or, even, a thought-provoking conversation with a passenger. The actions of a few stupid individuals (whom probably have the same loss-of-control setting their cruise control) should not be grounds for penalizing an entire population.

If the person I'm talking with doesn't like having to repeat themselves because I'm paying attention to the road, they can call back. And I'm still pissed off about Lawn Darts being banned.
Any distraction while driving will substantially inhibit your ability to handle a vehicle to your best ability according to many studies. We may as well make talking in a car illegal. 
+Dee Holtsclaw & +Ryan Luehrs exactly my point :)

+Dee Holtsclaw lawn darts actually look pretty awesome, but i'm already a huge boules/bocce ball fan which is still legal...cause somehow throwing several 1.5-2.0 lbs metal spheres is safer?
+Henry James Ball I'm sure they listen as well as our politicians on this side of the pond :p

It just sounded as if you were in agreement on the issue, that's why I was curious
+John Mink People that make the laws don't care about bashed in skulls and broken toes apparently. (I love bocce ball BTW. Great game.)
So why can I press the buttons to use my stereo system while driving but not the buttons on my phone to tune it? How come I can touch my dash-mounted GPS system but not my dash-mounted phone? Why am I allowed to look out my rearview mirror to observe traffic while taking my eyes slightly off the road but not look at my phone in a similar position?

>> People don't think. <<
Yes, they should ban this!
They should just make driving illegal. That would solve the problem of being distracted.
At least make it illegal to share your vehicle with others. Everyone should drive alone, with no stereo or mirrors or passengers and have their eyes pried open Clockwork Orange style.
No, Michael Babcock, you don't think. Research has shown that texting and driving is the equivalent of driving drunk. Yes, there are plenty of other distractions too, but that one takes the cake. Ryan Luehrs, you are right- people should know better than to do crap like that.
No, you don't think -- those same researchers didn't research any of the other things I mentioned which are legal (as is cutting your nails, doing your make-up, yelling at your kids in the backseat and playing with your dog). Specific laws about cell phones are because people don't think, I say it again, not because cell phones are special.
That's true, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be banned. There also needs to be more awareness about distracted driving, but people are too interested in keeping their phone privileges in the car to think about doing something to bring attention to the issue. And yes, Henry James Ball and John Mink, those things definitely deserve tickets too.
And also, it's not anyone's "right" to text while driving as it clearly endangers the lives of many other people.
Anyone looking at this from the standpoint of government intrusion, or comparing it to everything else you can do in a moving vehicle, is ignoring the obvious danger driving while using a cell phone poses to everyone on the road. I would say texting is more dangerous than anything you would do with a phone or things used as comparison. Who know - others on this post could be commenting while driving right now.

How about cars just get rigged with something that stops the signal when the car gets moving, like how the car stereo volume can increase/decrease depending on the speed?

Otherwise, we'll just have to wait till we're being driven by our cars before we are any safer.
Intelligent laws like "don't drive while distracted" are already on the books in most places. Adding cell phones explicitly means eliminating completely safe uses just because some uses are dangerous. A cell phone is a general purpose device these days, it doesn't have to be used for texting, I use mine as a GPS and to notify me if I'm following too close to the vehicle in front of me. It also monitors my engine through an ODB2 connector.
When I click the button to take a photo of a dangerous situation on the HUD to notify authorities, I should be arrested instead? I wish people would get over themselves and realize that cars themselves are responsible for a lot more fatalities a year than cell phones. Ban those.
Its not your right to drive at all, get off your soap box.
They wanna ban handsfree too!
Michael, you need a cell phone to tell you if you're following to close? Maybe that should be used as evidence to the point that cell phones distract us more than they help us, at least in the car.
I think rather than debating about whether the government should get involved or if we should get arrested for turning the GPS feature of our phones, we shoul ask if we think all those people staring at their laps on the highway should be ignored by police? Now if they're texting away or solving a rubix cube, it's dangerous and should stop. It isn't stopping, so people should knoiw they run the risk of being pulled over if not paying attention to the road.
I just banned the government. So far it's going well. Try it.
In the past 20 years we went from almost no one owning a cell phone to almost everyone owning one. They say talking while driving is the same as driving drunk, so obviously we would have had a corresponding increase in traffic-related deaths during that time.
Lets see...

Apparently driving drunk isn't as dangerous as I thought.
Joe, look around while on the highway at people staring at their crotches at high speeds during rush hour and then go find a link to a Wikipedia article on how safe that must be. It might not be there, so you'll probably have to ask nurses at hospitals. I've heard from a nurse that cell-phone related auto deaths have risen, but unfortunately I don't have an internet link for you here.
It dosent matter if its the LAW to drive while talking with a cell phone because people are going to ignore it either way
+Travis Blair My link was tongue-in-cheek, there are too many factors that affect it to declare a correlation between a steady decline in traffic death and a steady increase in cell phone use. My real point was that we hear a lot of things, almost none of it backed by actual evidence. We make a lot of assumptions and judgments without any facts to support them. It's easier just to yell anecdotes at each other about what we're afraid of.
Already a law in NY... not worth the paper it's printed on. Everyone still drives around with a phone against their ear, nobody cares.
It should only be legal if you're drunk.
So long as it is banning the physical handling of a cell phone (as in putting one to your ear) and any form of texting whatsoever, I'm perfectly fine with such a ban. The use of voice activated interfaces or hands-free devices I don't have a problem with.
Joe, glad to hear it - I did find it funny, but you know how some people take to citing things to back up their opinions.
I agree - we shouldn't just go banning everything we simply think is dangerous, but it is getting ridiculous the amount of times I see peopl not even looking. I don't think people get that involved with pushing a radio button, and the food (for me, anyway) isn't talking/writing back to the person. My main concern isn't talking, but rather texting.
Regardless of whether the data exists or not or the difficulty in proving a link, my answer is yes! For the sole reason that if one more person texting or talking on the phone swerves into my lane oblivious to my presence I'm going to lobby for the penalty to be sterilization if not death by amazonian army ants!
It's already banned in the UK, handsfree only for us Brits.
already banned in Canada well unless you have a bluetooth that is
banned without hands free in AUS as well. Obviously not everyone will follow the rule however taking away a hand from driving is clearly more dangerous than not.
Isn't it sad that we need to issue a ban on something such as this? What's wrong with people?
It would be easier to enforce than the texting while driving law. Oh, sorry officer I was looking for a contact/using my gps/finding a song.... I mean really....
It's a shame that people incapable of multitasking make it hard/limit things for everyone else.
It's not a multitasking failure, it's a prioritization failure. The cell phone should be the lowest priority, not the highest. Be glad you don't have to find a working pay phone and remember that the person on the other end of the call can repeat themselves when needed or wait on a reply -- if they can't do that, they're not worth talking to (i.e. the conversation vs. your, and others, lives -- I'll choose the later every time).
Why bother, the law will be ignored. End of story. Cell phone use is banned in Washington State, and everyone still uses their cell phone while driving, even the cops.
Cops, at least in Florida and Virginia, use cell phones while driving because many those law enforcement agencies have decided to replace the police radios with cell phones. Regardless, I think that would make them the ideal test bed for hands free cell integration into the dash.
The ban, where it exists, is generally ignored, yes. And a nation-wide ban will have the same fate, at least eventually. It's really a lot like Prohibition: all you're going to accomplish is turn otherwise law-abiding citizens into willful criminals (a common ploy of fascist states I might add).

I'm not arguing that cell phones are not a distraction, but that it's a symptom and not the disease. The real problem is a lack of attention to their driving and I see examples of it every day on my commute (the worst of which, IMHO, is makeup application at 90mph).
Makeup, reading the newspaper, eating, texting, messing with a kid in the backseat while going forward. Phone calls definitely aren't the worst of it.
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