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What do you think of Windows 8? Would you like apps to work across your desktop and mobile?
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I may be the crazy one here, but no. I like my mobile, mobile and my desktop, desktop. at no point have I ever wanted the two to "gel". Also, i do not like touch interfaces. they are inherently inefficient compared to a keyboard + trackball. It saddens me that i was more proficient entering data and moving between apps on a ancient t-mobile sidekick than today's touchscreen smartphones. 
I like Metro UI, as for apps...awful!
I think it is a good idea, sometimes I cannot have my Surface RT with me. 
Windows 8 sucks, thanks to Windows 8 I moved to Mac :) and couldn't be much happier
I hate Windows 8 desktop. Next time I have to invest in a new PC, I'm going with Linux.
It's the cool thing to do these days. Hating on Win8
I've used just for tests. I saw problems on services (I'm a system programer) principally oracle and java. For normal users maybe he is good.
Now I'm using my OS the most stable distro ubuntu 10.04 x64! This new ubuntu is like windows and have some problems too.
u need an external mouse to use it on non touch screen laptops thats a little annoying 
I have found W8 to run faster on my machines that had w7, it is somehow less resource intensive. BUT I want my start button back. This back and forth from Metro to desktop is ridiculous. The majority of the programs I use flash and throw to desktop use. It will be some time if ever that enough programs work within metro. Even MS Office365 programs are not applike and cause flash to desktop area to use. MSFT couldn't even get its own product to utilize it!

Everything I do is in the cloud, I prefer to be hardware and OS independent
Until you have no more Internet connection and then your world goes to hell... You're ALWAYS 'something' dependant, be it OS, hardware, or connection.
+Israel Méndez obviously, you could say the same about electricity of course. But im pretty much always within an internet connection so that eliminates much of the problem and when i know there isnt gonna be a connection i make sure i have an alternative. 
And alot of online services, have offline capabilities these days so that helps alot too
I think it's a great idea. Data, settings and more should seamlessly stream between desktop and mobile computers. This is a positive step for Microsoft.
Plus we can pay once for an app that optimises itself for whatever device we are using.
+Roger Pittman I just purchased a touchscreen laptop and this thing is awesome I wouldn't imagine I'd like it as much if I couldn't use the screen to navigate that metro ui
I navigate fine with arrow keys prefer it actually. Problem is again that most of my programs are not metro apps so just get thrown to desktop to use. It's going to be a long while for this transition. 
It's useless without a touchscreen computer IMO.
Se Ge
Linux can work with touch screens since several years... Metro is not a revolution, just an evolution (imitation? like Win7 from KDE4!). But I Iike a PC to stay a PC and not a smartphone. I don't use both for the same purposes... on one side, I want power or great capability, on the other side I want ergonomy and mobility. This kind of GUI exists since 2007 with the first eeepc, just install this same GUI (I don't know it's name any more, but it's in ubuntu's repos) on your linux touchscreen-equipped laptop and you'll have a similar experience (Ubuntu's interface or Gnome3 are well suited for touchscreens too). My advice : STOP sell us for $200 ’innovations’ in fact created freely by others just because people (consumers) didn't know them and that you have a great distribtution network
I've been using Windows 8 for about 3 or 4 months now and I must say it's a nightmare. I tried to give it a chance, but everything about it is flawed in my opinion. Microsoft tried to to revamp something that didn't need to be revamped. People were comfortable with Windows 7, to completely undo everything that everyone knew and loved was a marketing disaster. Probably why they are trying to do a "relaunch" of Windows 8, because it was a bust. Love the Windows phones, but to turn it into a desktop/tablet lookalike was a bad move.....for shame!!
I am using Windows 8 right now. Don't like it. Not because I can't use it... I don't like it because it still works best in desktop mode and it just shows me that Microsoft is not the tech company whose ecosystem and products I should be investing in.

The truth is that Google holds the future and Microsoft is going to die off if they don't tighten up the future vision of their company. 
I'm all for a company trying to take big strides into the future, but Microsoft taken those big strides in the wrong direction. I'm sure everyone is familiar with "If it isn't broke, don't fix it." analogy. Just as +Justin Thiel stated, Google is the future, and now Microsoft is going to have to play catch up in order to stay in the technology race.
Yes, google is the future of operating systems, no doubt all of you are using Chrome as your OS right now.
Certainly not.....yet. The Chrome OS is still in its infancy. Once I give it a few years to develop, I'm sure I'll give it a shot eventually.
Is that how operating system programming works? It's so easy that we can say something is the future even if the current incarnations suck? Wow I had no idea things were so simple.
Well I guess I'll have to check it out, is it free to download?
I do want app working across platforms, especially those communication apps.
Chrome OS itself won't take the current market. Once full creation/editing software can be ran in the cloud it will be closer to a take over. Though a merge of Chrome OS and Android would immediately kill off Microsoft outside of the office. Everyone should note that you no longer need Windows to use Office. Office 365 is ran from the browser.
Se Ge
If Office 365 really runs from any browser (I don't know because I use LibreOffice), Microsoft just nearly signed it's death warrant... It's only about replacing or porting all Windows-only enterprise softwares (with some of them already usable with Wine) and directx games with opengl ones now. A BIG strategic mistake from them. Don't be surpised if Google someday commercializes... a Linux and OpenGL-based gaming console (that's already the case of the PS3, I remind you) and then porting the games for standard Linux distributions (they will be usable on FreeBSD and other unix-based OSes which have a Linux compatibility layer, too!) and the knock-out will be done.-
PS : don't forget to defrag your hard drive after installing Pokky on Windows LoL! On any other OS you'll never need to do that.
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