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We've never seen an object this big get so close to Earth. Get ready for Friday's rendezvous with asteroid 2012 DA14:
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Is it time to pack and go underground!!
Jason P
Just wait until 2029 when one way bigger than that will come just as close or closer 
Lets just hope this one misses earth gravity!! 
2/15 is a lot more 12/21 than 12/21. no big partys, tho. ^_^ 
I thought we already passed the end of the world. Mayans need to rework calendar
See that gets my attention there. Bibles and books have nothing to go with whats up there. One of those things get unto Earth's gravity and that's a wrap. 
We should rebuild Reagan's SDI and shoot these things down! 
Alex H
Ohh please kids
How about a giant industrial sized trampoline to bounce it back up into space?
It's powerful enough to destroy my city, but, well, the chance is lower than hitting the lottery.
Wonder how many Satellites it's going take out?
Belief came from fear....that is why religions exist .....
Maybe something huge happened to earth before......
Not going to be visible to the naked eye.
Finally, the earth will resemble Apple maps.
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