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The Obama administration issued a formal veto threat over the CISPA cybersecurity bill.
Obama administration breaks with some House Democrats by saying controversial bill could 'undermine' privacy and civil liberties. Read this blog post by Declan McCullagh on Privacy Inc..
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My respect for Obama has now increased.
i actually HAVE respect for obama now!
Just because its Obama doesn't mean he actually belives it. He just wants to have a good reputation before the election.
I agree with kevn Nguyen 100%. It is election time. Obama will say what people want to hear. Just as he did four years ago. What happen to CHANGE!! He changed it alright.
What else are politicians supposed to be other than representatives of the people? If he does what the people want, then he's a good politician. Now, if he did what people didn't want, that would be criticizable.
Obama has really put his foot down on internet legislation, between stopping SOPA, and making it clear where he sits on CISPA as well. And he hurt his campaign financiers to do it. He's got my vote in 2012.
Perhaps if the government stops letting Hollywood add their own agenda into something that is important as a nation, but not anywhere in this form.
Nice enough guy, but his politics are evil.
Repubs and Dems both want the same thing...your freedom. The dems pretend to protect your civil liberties under the guise of LGBT and reproductive rights while signing on to things like CISPA and Patriot. The repubs pretend to protect your 'right to bear arms' by letting you keep a shotgun or so, never mind the fact that a few pistols would never protect us from fighter jets, tanks, and nuclear missiles, ie our own military/government, which is what the second amendment was designed to protect us from.
Yeah, create the problem, create the urge to congress to go stormtrooping, and now create the article talking about it.

Kiss my ass, C-Net!
+Robbie Campbell No, democrats have no freedom in mind, other than their own. They LOVE the welfare plantation they've created. They're working their way in with UN people that will one day cause us to have a one-world government (where dissent will no longer be tolerated).

If you knew any history at all, you'd know this to be true. Democrats created Jim Crow laws, worked to keep slaves. Were drug, kicking and screaming to have any kind of Civil Rights law of 1964- they had voted down many previous attempts before. And, when 150 black republicans took offices in the south, the Democrats started the KKK and intended to kill or just eject them all. This is why they could abide a high-ranking KKK member, Robert Byrd, for like...50 years?

Republicans are controlled by people that are almost as bad. "Establishment" republicans want to do the very same things as democrats. Just slower.

The only people fighting for actual rights, the way they were laid out in the Constitution, is the TEA Party. Conservatism. It's the way out.

If you think otherwise, it's because you're still in watching propaganda we used to call "Television News". Trust me on this; I've been watching for five decades.
+Brian Fahrlander That was kinda my point bro, BOTH parties claim to fight for certain 'rights' yet seek to remove others, pitting us against each other on matters that won't be resolved by either party. They don't want to resolve these matters because it gives us a distracting argument while they continue to erode our freedoms bit by bit. As for the TEA partiers, they would put people like me on an island and bomb it, they do not typically support any form of gay rights, not even inheritance, property rights, or the right to visit my significant other in the hospital. They would also lower their own tax rates (most TPers are affluent, straight, older, white, Evangelical men, your own post indicates this is true...'five decades' comment) while keeping social security, or even increasing it. Simple math says you can't have it both ways. NO ONE has the people's interest in mind. Ron Paul comes close, but he still puts his nose in my bedroom.
+Brian Fahrlander And don't accuse me of listening to any propaganda, I have an entire Library of books written by both sides, and I know how to discern fact from fiction. I know how both dems and repubs set up dictators in the very countries we are fighting wars in now, so much for spreading democracy. And that 'One World Government' you evangelical TPers are so afraid of is already here. Has been since the Civil War in the form of the European Banking System, the Bankers control the world, the economic collapses of the 20's/30's and recently prove as much. The Rothchild's and others collaborated to sell off all their assets in the 20's leading to the Great Depression, then they bought back all the stock at rock bottom prices, kinda like they did/are doing with mortgages and securities right now. But you TPers would lower taxes on the wealthy because of your trickle down theory, never mind the fact that INCOME TAX WAS CREATED IN THE US TO PREVENT THE PRIVATE ACCUMULATION OF WEALTH because the private accumulation of wealth (massive wealth) would and has destroyed our democracy!
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