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Scientists are creating 3D holograms of Holocaust survivors that would be able to answer questions through Siri-like voice recognition:
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Well, if they want it to work it better be NOW-like voice recognition.

(not a fan-boy...just sayin')
That's awesome.  Let them tell their stories before they are all called home so we will be able to learn from people who were actually there.  It is no more creepy or scary than reading a book or a blog.
I think this is a great idea. It lets students see the human side of history instead of dry text. Movies can show a face but often gives up historical accuracies in favour of a dramatic narrative.
Please enough with the holocaust. Let's put some of that energy into today's tragedies happening in real time.
If we don't learn from history we're doomed to repeat it. This project is for future generations when survivors of the Holocaust have long gone.

If anything they should do a similar project for WW2 veterans too.
Eric Powell & Doc, this is a very important point in modern history... There is an opportunity to heart it first hand from people who were there and survived. 6,000,000 people didn't survive....please think about that before you say its a tragedy though we need to move away from. 2/3 of the population of New York City, for comparison, were exterminated in about 6 years from 1939 to 1945. Please give that some consideration before you say you've heard enough about this and that we should
move on. Their stories are poignant and deep. 
Well, the difference is that we still have survivors of the Holocaust unlike African-American slaves. I'm sure if we could have recorded the stories of the slaves we would.

When we don't teach future generations about atrocities of the past then they will forget it has happened. Look at Japan where kids aren't taught that the Japanese slaughtered hundreds of thousands of civilians in Nanking, China or tortured and/or executed American POWs.

Hell, even twenty years ago the world turned a blind eye with almost a million people killed by ethnic cleansing in Rwanda.

At what point do you want to remember? When people aren't busy seeing which celebrity sleeps with who?
The US abolished slavery in 1865. There's noone born then (148 years ago) alive today.

Chinese were never slaves in Canada nor the US but there were paid very poorly for dangerous jobs, like working on the railroads. There were laws in both Canada and the US specifically singling out the Chinese immigrants, such as not allowing them to bring their wives over.
+Rob Watkins and Eric Cheng I get it. We all get it. The Jewish community has done a wonderful job that everyone has been getting it since the 50s. We also get more of it at least once a month if you have cable television. There's always something about Hitler and/or the holocaust.

However, don't you think its kind of messed up that they're talking about holograms when Palestinians are living in apartheid condiitons in Israel of all places, there are child soldiers in Africa, global (ie in the US too) sex trafficking, manufacturing slavery, Rwanda (1990s), Bosnia (1990s), Chechnya (?), Afghanistan (now!), and other places that haven't been brought to light. Oh yeah bonafide, no joke, "slavery, slavery" is still alive and well in Muslim countries in Africa! 

We all get it. But lets not continue to get the past while staying ignorant of the present. I'd be more impressed if they said we're using the money to educate people on how holocaust-like atrocities are going on today instead of buying gee whiz techno holograms.
You have a point. The world is far from perfect. 
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