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These are the phones with the best cameras:

Nokia 808 PureView:
Apple iPhone 5:
Samsung Galaxy S III:
HTC Droid DNA:
Nokia Lumia 920:
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Wudy Ng
How about Xperia Z?
Really.... No Note
Does anyone actually believe CNET at this point?  If you can't review products the way you want because your parent company said no, then you either need go private or just get out of the tech review business.
+Sony Xperia needs to make sure they are on all of these kinds of lists in the future, especially considering they make the sensors for at least the iPhone 5 and make excellent P&S cameras.
As far as I know, Sony makes the sensors for the iPhone 5 and Droid DNA. Is the Xperia Z not on the list because the phone hasn't released yet?
+Jubbin Grewal Actually they had their hands on the phone during CES, so I was wondering because CNET usually does not put a phone on any of their lists until it has officially released.
Notice how rarely they end up putting the iPhone below the S3
Seriously, take a look at the size of the lenses. They are all toys, not cameras. 
This is only out of devices they reviewed the cameras on, which is a very limited subset.
iP5? really? this pinky blurry thing appearing on photos is not having impact on your judgement? or you are just blinded by cpapple emblem?
+Kenn Harlem it is simply a logical requirement; they can't judge devices they haven't reviewed and if you browse a few other random phones on their site, you'll see many have no camera review.
+David Hickes read where? I wouldn't know, but I like to compare the various HTC models. are you sure its a step back from the OneX or OneX+?
Bryce C
+Kenn Harlem The Droid DNA has virtually the same camera as the One X and EVO 4G LTE.
Wouldn't you count some of the cybershot phones that we used to have. I had a Samsung G600 which took extremely good looking snaps. Ill post some.
Yes, +Kenn Harlem it is. There was a whole range of phones by Sony Erricson which was called Cybershot. This range specialized in cameras a bit like the walkman range by Sony Erricson. 
The Samsung G600 was also a phone with a 5 Megapixel camera. And was a favourite of 2006 in the UK.
Bought a nexus with the change from an I phone I bought a decent camera. 
And, as usual, Apple is better than Samsung.
Do they forget the Note II it has a great camera 
+J Ventura you need to try other phones before you say that and stop being such a fan. The best camera phone out right now is the nokia 920 with the pure view and the stabilizer. 
No comments for the nexus 4? CNET is loosing its credibility. 
That's just ridiculous, any recent Xperia phone has a better camera than those phones (except the pureview of course) 
My Asus Padfone 2 hands down beats my GS3 just BTW...
Surely not in the order listed.
+William Bennett The Padfone 2 doesn't beats the GS3. 
More Megapixels aren't better. The Sony Exmor RS Sensor is not the best^^
+Yves Sulser I've taken over 500 comparison shots side by side with both the Padfone 2 and SGS3 and the padfone is much much better. It delivers much more natural colours (viewing the images side by side on my laptop screen, so this is not just an issue of the s3s amoled making things over saturated), far better general detail, much better macro detail, autofocus is many times faster on padfone 2, white balance is tenfold faster on padfone 2, roughly the same noise levels in low light, plus padfone 2 has 6fps at 13mp, 120fps at 480p and 60fps and 1080p, sgs3 can't match any of these.

I repeat, it is hands down better...
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