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Time to say bye bye to MiniDisc.
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oh darn, the last time I saw someone use it was 10 years ago
It was so far ahead of its time, too bad Sony wouldn't license it.  
I had one in the late nineties replaced it with an iPod. 
I still have mine along with about a dozen blanks....
One of the many great medias that sony DRM'd to death. It was too little too late when they began to make it useful (hi-MD.)
Sony has has many great products few people could use or afford..
I remember when way back around 1997 or so, they tried to make it a floppy replacement but went stupid and made it incompatible with MD music hardware but was electrically and optically the same.
A few years ago I bought a hiMD recorder. It left me feeling ripped off when I actually went to use it. 
I usually frame sony as this to people; 
Imagine the most useful and high tech jaw dropping device you have ever seen and its made by sony. Now imagine sony  tossing that device into a pit full of snarling jagged toothed sharp clawed lawyers. Imagine those lawyers eating the device and then later crapping it out.... That pile of turd is what makes it to the end user.
Could you just imagine that discussion at Sony?  "no... no... wait!  It will make comeback." It was never found it's way "there" to get back. "C'mon... 10 more years! We could market it to Hipsters!" NO! sigh

They had an interesting approach to the digital music age... And not a good one.  I remember they came out with an MP3 discman and it came with software that would allow one to compress their MP3s so you could fit 400 songs onto a CD.  Guess how great that sounded? I wasn't expecting it to be good, but honestly it was worse than that.  The hardware and battery life were great though!  
Nooooo I love mine and they handle such high quality and sampling rates
I remember when Hi-Md came out, they touted that you could play mp3s from it. The surprise was that they had to be encrypted into file system chunks by the POS software called sonic stage despite the device being seen by the computer as a normal drive. I use to have one of those CD disc man but could not remember if it allowed direct mp3 playback. I do remember to achieve the battery life, the sound suffered... allot.. 
I used to be obsessed with them. Sad to see them go actually. 
+Kevyn Smith atrac on MD was 44khz and atrac was par. Everyone I knew who wanted to use it had what we now know as the iDevice mentality. 
now DAT, THAT was da real s**t. Uncompressed PCM. you can NOT beat that. It was GREAT and luckily the format came out before sony went stupid with DRM.
Oh, and just as I found my portable MiniDisc player in the attic...
This will just indoctrinate the format to the "new aesthetic"; I expect at least five new Tumblr blogs about minidiscs in the next week.
These were great when Napster came out back around 1998.

However, the MP3 player killed it back in 2001 ... at least here in the States.
I had no idea they were still making these things. 
All other disk formats like CD or DVD will soon become extinct as well.
+Eric K just like Sony made expensive products too few people could afford, Apple is struggling in a similar way.
Keith B
Too late to sell my deck, portable and extra discs?
Who cares? CDs and DVDs are basically obsolete. Why is it shocking that the Sony mini disc is done. 
I was so looking forward to buying one of this bad boy back in the 90's 
It been so long for this technology trend changing music industry 
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