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The United Nations is considering a new Internet tax targeting the largest Web content providers, including Google, Facebook, Apple, and Netflix.
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Rob Ng
We can't resolve any conflicts around the world so let's screw up the Internet.
The UN is one of the biggest flops this world has ever made.
Like I've always asked, you and what army UN?
It'll be interesting to see how well this goes over if they actually pitch something like to the public. Seems pretty silly.
To all you naysayers. Didn't you read the part where it said it is an innovative idea? Come on, we all know innovation is good Right?
The UN has no taxation or enforcement powers, so this is BS.  What INDIVIDUAL countries can do is create local laws that tax operators within their country on their in-country networks.  Then, they can only enforce that within the limits of their countries and territories.
So much for "free" information...
Like the companies care?  They'll just pass on the cost to their clients who will thereby pass the cost onto their clients and so on.
What is the Budget for the UN anyway.. where does the bulk of the money come from?
First, I don't believe a that this story is real.  Sounds like someone got their hands on misleading information.

Second....Even if it's a real story, it'll never happen.  

If a country can't figure out how to get its own people to pay for their own infrastructure, that country will simply fall behind.

I don't think there are any countries that really want that to happen.
I see this working out for them real well, who are they having enforce this for them the French?
Ah, from the same entity that gave Qadhafi praise for his human rights record... I swear, you need to either be the United States or have a PhD in bashing the United States to be in the UN. How many Peace Plans for Syria have failed? Maybe they'll pass a resolution to monitor me.
Who the hell do they think they are!? They don't have dominion over the planet. The United Nations is nothing more than a police force for the international banksters.
Interesting.  This bill could easily be used to America's advantage.

The whole concept of  "principle of sending party network pays" doesn't help the service providers charge, say, Google.  The internet works based on a request, response scheme, just as this  "principle of sending party network pays" implies.  However, the policy makers in the article seem to have things backwards.  They assume and imply that the service providers, Google, Netflix, etc... are the sending party.

The initial request, or call, comes from the users browser.  Once the connection, or call, is established, data flows both ways. (Really it only flows to the browser on a per browser request, but that is subject to change with tcp sockets, which is open bidirectional communications initiated by who? the user's browser.)  

This means that any data going to, say England from, for example, Google servers in Douglasville, GA, are all initiated from England.  This means anytime anyone from England wants to use Google, the English service providers have to pay American service providers.

The article makes it sound the other way around, but the technology works, and has always worked, from a browser to server back to browser approach.  Even your phone applications work this way.  You have to send a message to the server asking them to send you information.

Am I totally mistaken?  I have to be.  How can this go all the way to international negotiations based on such a flawed assumption?
Has anyone done any actual research on this topic? Hey CNET, please explain to me where the U.N. has the power to tax corporations? They can only pass non-binding resolutions outside the security council, so maybe they can suggest countries tax Google and Facebook, but they most certainly cannot tax these private companies themselves. 

Please don't write misleading headlines for the sake of page views, people that don't know better start to distrust and fear the U.N. without rationale cause. This headline hurts public discourse, please be more careful. 
Memo to France Telecom, Telecom Italia, and Vodafone Group: it can't be done. If you manage to make the content provider pay, they just turn around and charge the consumer from your country more to recover that amount. If they are providing free content, their recourse is to deny it to your people. You can try to collect directly from your citizens, and if they want the content bad enough they may pay you. Either way you can only get money from your own people, you can't dig into the deep pockets of the content providers.

But this is so blindingly obvious that it makes me wonder whether their real agenda is something else. Something like fracturing the Internet.
The UN is full of a bunch of idiots that hate the united states. Screw their tax.
So.. UN employees don't pay tax, they also depend on US funding, the policy would isolate the third world.. so so stupid.. really hope this comes back and bites them in the bum..
Lol this is funny Google has more power then the U.N., people are dumb the companies will just say no we aren't paying and the U.N. will be like ok.....
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