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Polytron shows off a see-through smartphone, but the limitations of modern technology still stand in the way:
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Do people really want transparent phones? 
I keep banging my head trying to grasp which is exactly the problem/issue that a see-thru connected mobile device will solve. Please help me 8(
Honestly, I understand that a clear phone won't add anything. But the phone would look so sick! 
+jaison abraham People lasik to not wear glasses. Sorry for Google, but it will be either a fad or they'll have to find a way to graft it in the eyelid edge. In any case I believe pervasive computing should not (and will not) go in that direction.
Uhhh it looked like a piece of glass with batteries in it. Not much of a demo. I should post a prototype of my hover board... 
I understand more powerful phones, or tech that solves something or that It's useful for something. But honestly, with so much going on in the world, why would anyone care about a transparent phone? Nonsense and vanity?
can we move on from phones....what is the obsession?  Smaller, clear, invisible.   Why?
The "phone" is simply a piece of plastic with a holograph 1/0 sticker. This is not a demo or even a prototype. If you notice, the 1 and 0 display was "on" before he turned the phone on! 
Other than the novelty of it which to me would get old very fast, I don't see why anyone would want a clear smartphone. Why is there so much hype behind clear smartphones?
That's not even close to being a phone. When was the last time you saw a phone that used watch batteries? Most phones I know the battery takes up a sizable amount of space inside.
And what's with when he "turns" it on? Nothing happens. The 1 and 0 are visible alternately from different angles to suggest they are a hologram on the glass.
This is rediculous.
Why don't people stop going on about this nonsense about clear phones and do something worthwhile like, oh I don't know. How about coming up with a battery that last more than a couple of hours with heavy use!
A transparent phones screen is gonna need to extremely bright in order for it to be of any use that I doubt there's a battery out there that would work for any decent length of time.
Gonna be as useful as a straight meat hook! 
And how is the privacy in phone like that? Everyone can see what you are doing....
Actually, +Daniel Iltanen , the screen would most likely be a relatively small and clear projection onto the sheet of glass, meaning it would only be clearly visible to the person(s) using it. It would also make driving and texting a little easier, since you would be able to see the road through the phone. Of course, if you have Siri (etc.) you can do both anyway, but technology is coming a long way.
+Jack Reed I do believe you would require image collimation at infinity to be able to drive and read whatever is on the screen (like HUDs on planes). We better stick to self driving cars (which I admit,  is scary) and opaque devices.
I'm a big proponent of put the phone down and drive. Just sayin...
Definitely; I am too. However, this might change your opinion.
I ride motorcycles and have more than once had to take evasive action because a driver has a phone up to their head and doesn't look before changing lanes or is texting and almost runs into me at a traffic light. It's not a matter of being able to see through the device but the distraction factor. If your reading a text or trying to compose text, you are distracted and not giving full attention to driving. That last thing I want is something else to help drivers be more distracted.
I very good point. We should start a petition. Lol.
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