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The iPhone 5 was rated 5th in U.S. user satisfaction:

Here are the 4 phones that beat it (with CNET's reviews):
Motorola Atrix HD:
Motorola Droid Razr M:
HTC Rezound 4G:
Samsung Galaxy Note 2:
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Obviously flawed testing methods based on where the Galaxy S3 placed.
Yeah, I just saw my buddy's Nexus 4 and was duly impressed. If iOS 7 and iPhone 5S doesn't impress me, I may have to try out a Nexus 4 phone for a couple of years or so.
What exactly is on tap for iOS 7 that wasn't there in the last few versions? The last few have been less than impressive, to say the least. Firing up an iPhone is like taking a time machine back 5 years...
+J Ventura I hope iOS 7 does indeed "impress". I don't want to have to jailbreak just to get basic settings toggles, among other things. 
Last few IPhones had no innovation in them. IOSes managed to make something worse than was before.
The Apple makes money on popularity, not innovation.
iPhones are too locked down. I'm better with being given a choice to customize or not.
iPhones work well but they're a bit on the boring side to me
I read in a fortune cookie that iOS 11 is going to be the bomb.
I still like mine, and i still have a 4. Does all I need it to without fail.
That's all I really need. Don't need a ton of apps so I guess I'm easy ;-)
In what world does HTC make a top 5 list? HTC is crap on a cracker.
+Mark McDaniel I can't agree with that. They may not have a clue how to market their product and they're excellent at losing money, but their devices are top notch.
+Jeff Leger I have to say that HTC makes a very good product
In 2009 and 2010 they seem to be second to Apple and the iPhone. Then the Galaxy from Samsung entered the market and HTC forgot how to market and sell phones, not make them. I've had a iPhone 4 and a Galaxy S 2 and put them both back in the drawer in favor of my HTC Sensation 4g
Nexus 4 #1 = Price, UN-locked, LTE, clean Android without useless garbage and no goddamn contracts xD WINNER
The note 2 and the nexus 4.... Yup, best phones so far
D Smart
This list is too short. If you enjoy holding your breath, wait for the next big thing to come from apple. Otherwise try the dozen or so phones out there now that impress. One thing must be said for iphone boosters: they susre are a patient breed. 
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