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Which gadget are you most looking forward to in 2013?
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I am looking forward to +Project Glass or anything like it more than anything else this year. That is until some other shiny object catches my attention. 
The Nexus 5 so that we can hear the PKD family scream copyright violation for an android named that way
What about the Steam console??? Boo to the choices! Way to much of an Apple slant and not to mention so many console choices.
Mind powered technologies. And the abilities to input data to the brain. Oh, and the Sony Xperia and nexus 4 and iPhone 6 or whatever they end up callin the next best thing. Haha. Happy Monday and mlk day from California. 
Steam Box should be number 1.... and there are to many apple products on that list
I thought glass was coming out next year and this year was development
My pc speakers were off and when I came back to the window and saw the guy's body language, I immediately closed it. :D
The rumored touch screen Chromebook and a nexus version of Google tv that combines Google tv with the capabilities of the nexus Q, and adds multi-channel dvr capabilities and a web cam and microphone for on screen hangouts.
Optometrists will love this!  The human eye is not engineered to read closer than 18". 
Despite the fact that this is an editorial, I don't understand how the iPhone 5S out ranked Google Glass. I'm also looking forward to the rumored Google/Motorola phone.
IPad mini ahead of glass? Right, because an incremental improvement is more exciting than a completely new technology. Ooh, maybe they'll make a slight change to the Apple logo!
ubik q
Oculus Rift
I want the Google glass but they should find a way that you can incorporate your vision prescription into it.
I already look like a freak with my Bluetooth headset on. Glass will take freakishness to the next level. No thanks. I'll just wait until I can get the devices surgically implanted into my head. If course, people will wonder why I'm always mumbling to myself... but hey, at least they will all leave me alone!
+Rosendo Rojas I may be wrong, but I don't think that's the one Ubuntu plans to put their OS on. Right now they only have it working on a Nexus 4.
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