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The PlayStation 4 is coming holiday season 2013! But Sony didn't show what it looks like, and no word on pricing. Check out our First Take:
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Not very impressed with the presentation.  Other than some fancy graphics, a new controller, & a few other things, they didn't even showcase what a PS4 would look like.
E3 Summer? Along with new Xbox? :)
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Excited to announce the PlayStation 4 will be on @LateNightJimmy tomorrow night! Live demo of Killzone: Shadow Fall!! #LateNight #PS4 #whoo"
Sony shows us the new controller, but they don't show us the system. Something does not add up.
Sounds good so far, waiting on more info. But like where Sony is going with gaming.
So much people are attacking sony. Im a 3d artist and everything they shown in this conference has already got me at a pre order. I think there are people comparing it to the pc platform in all honest opinion will never be surpassed. Nd who cares if they showed the console or not, its been about the games from the very start. They only showed the controller as its what you use to play the system, not just to stare at or just there for decoration
Maybe someone can let me know or maybe I missed it, is this PS4 gonna be a whole new format or will I still be able to play my PS2 & PS3 games on this or not .... Someone enlighten me please?
wait till e3 reese r :) this was only a reveal on what they are working on to show e3. call it a pre e3 showing, so they can spend less time on the spec and tech demo side and more on games and revealing more hardware and capabilities 
+Reese R. from everything I'm reading it's not backwards compatible. If that's true I won't be buying, I have a big PS3 library.
+Steve Broome Okay, yeah I haven't had the chance to read all of it but thank you for that info. Oh well I guess I'll keep my Backwards Compatible PS3 , And I feel the same way I don't feel it's worth it for me...
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