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This week on Apple Byte: Is the MacBook Air with Retina coming in Q3?
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I get that Apple Byte is a Apple show, but I must admit there's a bit of "who cares" coming to mind with this headline.
I care! It's the only thing missing from my MB Air
So +Don Felipe are you going to get rid of your current MBA for this one, or just get another because of the display?
+CNET your android apps is terrible! The videos don't even work, the ad just plays then nothing. 
+Pedro Oliveira just tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still doesn't work. I have a stock Verizon galaxy s3 running jelly bean, what device are you using?
Know what would be a great feature on Plus? The ability to follow a page like C|Net's but block all posts by a page's specific contributors. 

They really need to extend the communities' "discussions" model to pages.
+Miggles Martinez pixel is 19ppi more than the Retina and as for touch screen laptop, ask Ballmer how that's going. 
+Don Felipe the CHROMEBOOK PIXEL still better in screen resolution, if it was the other way around it would be a big deal, right? But either way, you would think that Apple would be the first to come up with touch screen laptops, and you know THEY ARE GOING TO DO IT at some point too. Just like it wasn't a good idea to build a smaller form factor tablet, right? Ballmer didn't execute it well, and neither was Windows 8. They had years with previous OSes to get this right, but somehow didn't. That's a whole other story. Google is starting pretty much from scratch. Either way, hardware wise, not that impressed when all the resources they have and how other have beatin them to it first.
+Miggles Martinez on paper it is better but that's probably about it. If Apple haven't done touch screen laptop by now, it's for a reason. ipad mini was unforseen. Windows 8 blows just like Ballmer. Google getting into hardware, wonder what's their game. 
Seems like nobody at apple knew anything about making new products except for our friend mr. Jobs. RIP Steve Jobs
Rick T
+Don Felipe , I can see why you don't care for touch screen. You've got your handful.
+Richard T I, amongst others don't care for touch screen laptop as it's a fad...
Rick T
Apple is stretching the Retina screen slowly on one device at a time while trying hard for new ideas. Poor thing... 
Apple will always have hater - But they wont stop their creativity, They will protect their throne - And no matter how poor wat apple does this samsung, android users and copy cat Europe/china will be the first one to tune in watch the convention.  - The dude was like almost throwing a "who care" expression - he cares the most lol
Microsoft allowed Apple to live...let's not forget that for Apple it wasn't always like this...remember 1997.
+Miggles Martinez correct- microsoft is amazing so as Andoir/Google- at the end of the day all are amaerican brands- this samsung from korea running their mouth with our products
Sweet ! I'm excited about the upgrade. Thanks
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