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Judges are getting tired of the patent wars.
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It's easy to applaud a move like this when you have no personal investment in the security of an IP.
It's the impersonal investments that I'm tired of. These companies seem to spend more time wheeling and dealing (or suing and backstabbing), than actually inventing stuff.
I have a strong suspicion that most of these modern patents are all about the detail and not about the idea.
Too tired to make more sense.
This is not a good thing to throw the disputes out, to me it seems like the judges who are presiding don't know how to handle the case so they throw it out. Do your damn job!
+Arthur Davis Or, alternately, they know exactly how to handle the case: they recognize it's frivolous and/or has no business being decided by a court and throw it out.  Sounds like "do[ing] your damn job" to me!

We have become an overly litigious society, where bringing suit has become, not the last resort of those who cannot settle their differences civilly that it should be, but the first.  All this accomplishes is to overburden judges and pay the salaries of lawyers.
it's called lets patent everything...whats next the "air" the 3G & 4G travels through?  Come on - "frivolous" - what happened to competition?
It is a sad day indeed when people are more afraid of you threatening them with a lawyer then a gun.
Yeah me too. It's stupid beyond all hell.
It's bullying and intimidation by the companies with the deepest pockets. Nothing more

At the other end, its blatant opportunism buy companies who's every existence is to troll and profit from patent lawsuits
The problem with patents today is that companies are submitting patents for ideas rather than methods of achieving said idea. Because of that it stifles innovation to improve an idea due to threats of lawsuits.

Apple recently patent a design for wedge-shaped laptops. /facepalm
Because all of our electronics are made overseas now, companies like Apple are suing for injunctions to block the import of competitors' goods from entering the country (see Apple blocking HTC One X). This is bad for the end consumer because we have less choices and with less choices it also means less incentive for companies to lower prices due to lack of competition.
It's all stupid especially the software patents. There are many ways to write programs that do the same thing. In the end the consumer is the one who pays
+Eric Cheng That's only one piece of the puzzle.  I agree that less options is bad for the consumer, but that doesn't mean that you only rate it based on that specification.  If that was the case, we'd be flooded with tons of Chinese manufactured knock-offs to every piece of technology.
i wonder if all dial up and or push button phone manufacturers went through any similar legal battles? my guess is, there's a whole lot of 'i want to be a millionaire' egos at work behind all this feather ruffling.
The true sign of a company losing it's edge and descending into mediocrity is when innovation is replaced by litigation. It happened to IBM, it happened to Microsoft and now it's happening to Apple. Apple can keep superior phones off the market only for so long. At some point the Apple dam will break and the market will finally be flooded with choice.
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