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Scary 'Star Wars' rumor: Disney to resurrect Darth Vader?
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vader es el sith mas famoso pero no el mas fuerte!!
-1. Let Vader rest in peace.
Stephen L
Could be worse. Could be Jar Jar.
I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan, I like the movies, but still WTF!?
I think folks are thinking it is an anakin in the suit but think about it how many people saw Vader electrocuted demasked and burned? Not many ( in the empire) so what if loyal empire agents find a willing force practioner to put on the suit to terrorize the rebellion and inspire the remnants of the empire. No cloning no gimmick just the return of the most feared villain in the star wars universe.
Tyler E
Please do... and bring back Boba Fett too! Put the prequel 'junk' behind us. 
Man, this movie is coming around 2015! Are we going to get bombed with rumors in every second day in the next three years or what????
what's Star Wars without Darth Vader? Maybe Luke can become his successor. 
Star wars cannon already has significant amounts of content surrounding the ressurection of the emperor, even to the point where Luke becomes his apprentice. So not so far outside the realm of viability as you might think.
Well think about what really would happened at the end of Return of the Jedi if it was the real world. Do you think that the Empire would just roll over and die once the Emperor died? Not a chance the military and the rest of the government would try and keep power. The Rebals would loose support because they killed the Emperor and things got worse. Warlords and factions would all start popping up and there would be suffering and terror everywhere. Look at the the fall of the Soviet Union and Somalia as examples of what would happen except there would be no US, Western Europe, Japan, Canada, and the other free nations of the world to help or even try to keep a lid on it. 
I could see people welcoming a new Darth Vader to bring order back.
You HAVE to resurrect Darth... I don't care about plot-holes. He's the World's most definitive  "Villain", not to mention the first person most people think of when someone mentions "Star Wars." Bringing him back would guarantee my viewing of it on the big screen. As opposed to "torrenting" it.....
Any true fan will boycott the movie if Darth Vader is brought back.

They should just make 7,8 and 9.  The Heir to the Empire trilogy.  Thrawn is 1,000 times more bad ass than Vader.
Darth Vader was great, but I think there is room in the series for a new, more bad ass villain.  Darth Vader started off scary, but by the end he was died in such a feeble way.  It would be hard to bring back the darkness and evil he had prior.
Any true fan of entertainment will enjoy seeing Darth return. Let's not get all emotional and defensive about it.
all depends on how they do it. It just better make sense!
Dear God please don't do it Disney. Not after I've gotten the warm and fuzzy over your acquisition of the franchise. 
Disney is about making money so of course they will find a way to resurrect it.
The original theme for the entire star wars episode drama was the rise, fall, and resurrection of darth vader. not sure this is so terribly off base.

Has eveyone assumed that the movies will be 7,8,9?  Might we be getting a 3.1,3.2,3.3 etc???? IMHO, that's the only way this would allow for Vader to come back.  Episode 6 left us with Anakin, not Vader.. unless Luke.... No.... Noooo.... NOOOOOOO
I'd rather they bring back Darth Maul. What a pernicious S.O.B. that guy was. He needs an encore.
Vadar is done and over let's move forward not back. 
Say it ain't so, Mickey! Say it ain't so!! Please don't "Jar Jar Binks" it up! [on bended knee]
+Bill Christian No, the SW movies were about the rise, fall, and redemption, not resurrection, of Vader. Bringing him back from the dead makes no sense. 
+Dennis Tenn Excellent point. I think the SW universe is plenty big enough for new villains while simply paying homage to Vader.
clones are not resurrected.
+Ken Bailie And where would they get enough DNA to clone Vader/Anakin? I still think the Star Wars universe is big enough to not have to resort to bringing him back. I've read all the books currently published in the Star Wars universe and would dread to see him return. It would ruin his memory as well as the reason why Han and Leia named one of their sons after Anakin.
I don't disagree with the stupidity of bringing vader back, its weak and unimaginative - that being said, you don't think they never took a dna sample of the guy, what with the whole cloning an evil army thing going on all around him? I imagined a series of vader goes to the doctor memes.. lol
+Ken Bailie There is another argument against cloning Vader, much less any force sensitive. In the books there is mention that it was impossible to clone them with their force sensitivity. For one they would not be controllable nor would they remain sane. Attempts have been made but even the Kamoidians were not able to solve the problem.
I think they could do something similar to +The Legend of Korra  where the main characters, and storyline are different, while maintaining the same cannon, and introduce cameos of previous characters in the series (Han Solo, Leah, Chewie, etc.)
My understanding was that in 7-9 Luke turned to the dark side after all.
Maybe Darth Vader would come back like Obi-Wan came back in Episodes 5 and 6.
Obiwan never came back. He was only manifested in the force. Like a spirit guide.
Yes, I could seeing doing the same thing with Anakin.
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