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The top 5 gas-saving cars are...
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Too bad only the Dart and the Sentra look like cars.  The Scion is barely bigger than a Smartfortwo, and certain death in an accident, the Spark looks like a turd with wheels and the Fiesta is just a shrunken Focus.  Why not make cars that people actually want to be seen in that get good mileage.  Oh, and these are compact cars, and the best you can do is 30 MPG?  Get real!
LOL. All of these have less than 2 liter engine. Of course they would top the charts
These mpg figures are pathetically low :s is this a joke or something
Guessing this isn't a UK gallon? 
My 2011 Fusion gets 34mpg on the freeway, with the 4 Banger, So you guys are a bit low on those vehicle's Mpg! 
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