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Great Scott! Lego's approved a fan-built Back to the Future DeLorean set - it's due to appear at 88mph in 2013.
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I may have to buy that. Lego hoverboards don't work on Lego water...
"Do you know what this means!?"

Great news - Can't wait to get this set :-)
Looks like they didn't have time to build it to scale.
Sweet! Only problem is it will cost $60 and will fit in the palm of my hand. :-(
yeah +Josh Angle  i'd like a bigger than lego-man-scale bttf delorean just to look good on the mantle. cuz that'd be awesome...
"Great Scott, do you know what this means, this is heavy.
Marty! I gotta tell you about the lego versions of your kids!!
lol +Hiram Rodriguez everyone had to toss their end of days articles and scrounge for actual news... their aint much of it, not that its not awesome but Lego BTTF is the best thing ive seen today... 
I picked one of those up on Ebay back in October of 2015 (or 1985, depending on how you look at it).
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