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Samsung may have surpassed Nokia as the top mobile phone manufacturer.
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Nokia still makes mobile phones!? ;-)
+Jose Rodriguez Nokia and MS have only just began, but Samsung has had a strong last year and Galaxy S3 probably won't be anything but a huge boost.
Nokia is known for its durability and hardware but Samsung is just a fighting machine. They produce everything from cheap phones to high end phones like the Galaxy Note. Samsung > Apple.
+Kevin Nguyễn Unfortunately durability and hardware aren't their strong suits when it comes to smartphones. Their featurephones and low-end models are just fine.
+Esa Edvik Yeah I just bought a Nokia for my dad because I know it would last a long time than his crappy LG phone (which didn't even last one year).
+Justin Virly They passed Nokia on the smartphone front a while back globally. Now they passed in total mobile phone deliveries.
Samsung makes the best phones. I decided a few years back to only buy Samsung from then on. That rule of thumb as yet to fail me--then again, they are Samsung!
There's no one manufacturer that makes perfect devices, they all have flaws and bugs. Samsung's problems are more on the software side, hardware is top notch. Updates are released slowly and they're STILL unfinished and buggy on release date (which is why I haven't updated my SGS2 to ICS yet).
Overall this has been a very nice device, it just reboots randomly if I leave Wi-Fi enabled etc. cool little quirks. And you have to change launchers since Touchwiz UI is horrible.
+Justin Virly Over here our readers complained so much and I was dubious to begin with (previous updates have been pulled after being too buggy to release widespread), so I'll wait for the next patch. There's really nothing special about ICS for me anyways.
In coming months, Samsung is sure to surpass every other mobile manufacturer.
+Internet55 They already did, that's what this news story was about. "Samsung may have grabbed the top spot from Nokia during the first quarter,"
+Esa Edvik I know what the story is about, but did u read it carefully? It says... 'MAY', and I said.. 'SURE'.
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