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Sony's luxurious Xperia Z is slim, trim, and seductive. Check out our hands-on. #CES
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change the Xperia name! It sucks 
I hope they'll do something with their display colour saturation. I'm an owner of Xperia S. I love the HD display but the colour blue is purple/violet with Xperia S and I find it awful.
3 years ago, the Sony Ericson with windows CE phone turned me off to Sony and windows phones (I know this one is android).. My stepson sent that thing right back for an iPhone.. I guess I hold a grudge ;D
+Parth Patel I'd take my note 2 over this thing.. Bigger screen, faster processor, stylus bonus, bigger battery
I love my Xperia Ion. Guess I'll have to wait to upgrade, though.
They need to release it in a timely fashion and on all carriers otherwise it will NOT unseat the Samsung Galaxy S3. It's nice that Sony has a lot of unlocked phones and nice that they are on AT&T but it's gonna take me then just that. 
Xperia Z looks awesome they might be able to beat SIII but Note II is still the #1 choice for most people. Sony still rules.
I wonder if they actually sell a lot of units. I haven't seen too many people walking around with Sony phones. 
I have a lot the just beat 3 smarthphone makers to be #3 soon #2. Sony rulez just like Samsung.
looks great but think will struggle against Samsung SIII and the future SIV
I believe that this time Sony got it right. It has all the intangibles of a cutting egde phone (5"Full HD screen, 13MP camera, quadcore processors, Jelly Beam) within  the most elegant and seductive Android phone to date. On top of it it is waterproof.
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