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What's it like to live with a Windows 8 laptop that lacks touch? So far, not so great, says Scott Stein. Do you agree with his conclusion?
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I'm using Windows 8 on my PC and I use a trackpad. I'm not having any issues with the OS so far. Yes its different, but I'm a geek and I like different. I understand why others wouldn't like it though. 
I like the interface, very nice with touch screens a pain without.
I've had windows 8 for almost 9months. Although I'm not lazy and easily adapted myself to windows 8 on my 51" non touch LCD TV. On it now installing an extra terabyte hard drive. Its easy and intuitive. And now finally I don't have to have physical disks for apps and programs. So I do not agree with Scott Stein cause he's basically saying stay in the past cause its easy.
Nah...multi-tasking and usability is just sweet with Windows8. All it takes is practice and understanding of a new way to interface and do things with charms, the hot corners, and Start menu aside from how things used to be done. I find I work quicker with Win8 than ANY OS I've used, including Mac AND Ubuntu. Adaptation and a little patience goes a long way.
I disagree. I think Windows 8 is very mouse-friendly once you figure out how to use the screen corners and edges effectively, and I'm not convinced a touch screen make sense on a laptop or desktop PC (a tablet yes, of course).

Those wanting to replicate Windows 8-specific touch gestures on a laptop without a touch screen can try Microsoft's Touch Mouse with recently upgraded software for Windows 8 users:
I have a no touch PC with windows 8 on it and it is better than the touch PCs I have tried.

on a laptop...Use the keyboard shortcuts or an external mouse.
Just returned a HP Envy Touch Win 8 & got a Retna Macbook Pro
I use win8 on my desktop and on my htpc and let me just say this: Metro UI is useless on the desktop. It makes everything you do less efficient. The one thing that saved it for me is the Start8 app from stardock, it brings the start menu back and locks you in desktop mode. For the HTPC, metro works great because it can be controlled with the remote. Microsoft screwed up bad with win8. They should have been able to detect what kind off computer you are running and adjust the type of interface accordingly...
+Steve Garon , I think you need to just use it just bought it and you are upset that your super user abilities can't grasp how to be productive....I will say Start8 is nice (and kind of cool) for those who can't be flexible enough to learn a new way of doing something.
Agree 100%. Yes, you can use Windows 8 without touch. But you described it perfectly: If feels strange (alienating).

I was going through all the different phases of the betas and pre-releases over the last months. And I really forced myself to work with Windows 8 (to get used to it). But my working priority is in post processing of photos (Lightroom, Nik Software etc.) on a larger 27" screen. Touch does not make sense at all here. And I don't want to have my fingerprints all over the screen. I am now back on Windows 7. Not missing anything and really think this is the better platform if you like to work with classic desktop applications.

To be honest, the direction MSFT is going with Windows 8 was making me look for alternatives. I would have switched to Ubuntu, but unfortunately Lightroom and Nik Software are not supported.
you don't need to use touch to use windows 8 at all. from the desktop move your mouse to the bottom left corner and click. are in the start your post processing app....bang the program as normal.
After several days working with Windows 8, I reverted to Windows 7. The metro interface adds nothing to a desktop computer except confusion. The Microsoft idea about bridging the gap between tablets/phones and the traditional computer is totally misguided (at the interface level). From a corporate point of view Windows 8 is useless and I'm sure will flop in a few months. 
While the Start screen interface demands touch to make it feel natural, the speed and simplification in WIndows 8 really shines against WIndows 7. I was nervous upgrading but everything feels better than before, Start screen included after the learning curve.
It can't flop they will have integrated tablets, smart phones, Xbox, laptops, desktops, and by then fully merged TV, email and social networks, games too. Mark my words Microsoft will dominate the crowd by being easily connected with all your devices. One umbrella one roof that covers all. They needed to make this change because they were slipping badly into yesterday's uninstalled garbage. 
I have been using for a month now and I find it quite easy and intuitive. Yes there has been some changes in the way we are used to interact with older windows but multitasking is a breeze in windows 8. Now I can watch a movie and do my office work at the same time. Loved it. 
I see a lot of people have windows 8 on this thread. I don't have a windows 8 kinect at the moment but does anybody here have on or know somebody with one that can share their views on it?
I agree with most comments. My HP Envy doesn't have a touch screen and I still find it easy to navigate and fun. I only hope the Microsoft Store can start producing better apps. No Gmail or Google + sucks! 
Sounds like users who get accustomed to Windows 8 w/ only a mouse do fine.  However, I stopped by Best Buy last night, walked up to a laptop with Windows 8 and immediately attempted to use it as a touch screen.  Took a sec to realize that it wasn't.  Perhaps once I install it at work I'll feel similar to others in this thread but first impression was Windows 8 on a non-touch screen seems broken.
Oh I did that +Jeremy Petzold and I know that I can pin websites to the Start Screen, I'm just a snob who wants the option for a Google created app :-). 
I have installed 8 on a few of my desktops without touch.  Prior to installing, I was hesitant.  Post installation, I like it, a lot.   It seems I have far fewer mouse clicks to get to the "stuff" I need.  There's a bit of a learning curve, but once you know the keyboard shortcuts, I found it to be a sleeker and quicker interface.  I can definitely see how touch can improve the experience.  But, it's great without it. 
Tip - Windows 8 is easier to navigate once you learn a few of the keyboard short-cuts. Technology advances and so must the user-interface. The desktop metaphor has had its day.
+Jeremy Petzold I'm not retarded, thank you. Windows 8 is just not as efficient for desktop apps as previous Windows versions or as Linux and Mac OS etc. And it is not bang. In fact, it is really slow to get the charms displayed. Can you work with it? Yes, absolutely. Is it the best user experience? No, absolutely not. But as the report stated: It is a personal experience. In that case, it reflected my personal experience too. Your's might be different. Good for you.
Windows 8 is lighter on resources but no performance gain in games.  Currently games are slightly slower in general.  Clumsy awkward interface not designed for mouse.
Laptop or tablet? I think I will just keep my iPad and my Windows 7 laptop.
I love my iPad.  Desktop with windows 7 and iPad 3 for me.
+Jeremy Petzold there is a lag, when moving the mouse to the side, corners etc. in order to get functions like the charms, start button replacement and so on. This makes it `clumsy` to use. Thanks for the wording +Raphael Baker 
Scott Stein is a APPLE USER and totally bias towards windows products I have windows 8 and I love it more than OS X I BOUGHT A MAC MINI TO TRY I PREFER WINDOWS 8 ALL THE WAY
Mark my word Windows 8 is going to rule it is the future of the computers
Mark my word Windows 8 is going to rule it is the future of the computers
Nhat Le
windows 8 just begs for touchscreens.
+Alex Reusch no lag, just different. Just move your mouse to the corner then up in a smooth motion. Alternatively you can learn the kb shortcuts if you really want to move fast 
If you used keyboard shortcuts before, not much really changed; switching between W7 &W8 actually made my use of W7 better
Oh so true.
I upgrades my Sony Vaio laptop with windows 8 and to me it is just windows 7 with a large start screen instead of a start button.
IMHO they should have gone first for the phone and tablet market with their new UI and when there were enough native apps release it for the desktop.They could have started with some kind of app launcher were you could launch the apps you used on your mobile devices.
I have no problems at all and like it a lot, and actually enjoy to be able to read my socials updates while watching a video on Internet explorer
Windows 8 has jumped the shark on the desktop. I agree with +Alex Reusch on the experience. Horribly frustrating. I've used it for months, and it doesn't get better. Thankfully, I found Linux Mint.
The only problem with Windows 8 on non-touch computers is the lenghts you have to cover with your mouse to do some things (a friend of mine has a multi-screen setup and gosh, you have to do km/miles to go from one corner to the other, if it weren't for the keyboard shortcuts Win+X, Win+C and Win+Tab and I think one of his arms would have detached itself from all the abuse caused by the "active corners").
CNET has become a joke. Time to stop reading. 
I'm loving +Windows 8. It was maybe a little confusing at first, but it really only took me a couple of hours to figure out how to adapt to it on a non-touch desktop. I don't really even use keyboard shortcuts very much either. For whatever reasons, I find the Start Screen vastly more useful than the Start Menu (I am one of those people who never used the Start Menu anyway, though). And even though there's really not that huge of a difference, Win7 already feels so outdated when I have to use it.

+Nick Zinni Have you tried the Google Search app? You can access most of the Google web apps from within it's interface.
Took me a day to get used to it, and I totally dig 8. No issues at all, and I wouldn't look back!
Doesn't bother me in the slightest.  I love Windows 8.  I use the keyboard a lot anyway and navigating the new Start screen (Win8 view) is easy with the keyboard.  For example, want to run remote desktop without a desktop shortcut? Hit the Windows key then start typing the name of the app you want ("Remote Desktop") and press the arrows to select then <enter>. 
+Jeremy Petzold with the metro interface, productivity goes down the drain. I like windows 8, I just which they would not force metro UI where it does not make sense. Windows 8 is faster than 7 except the metro interface which is completely insane. If I load a 1080p video in IE10 in desktop mode, video plays perfectly. Do the same thng inside the metro interface and it's choppy. Microsoft screwed up by forcing Metro on non-touch devices but the rest of the OS is all improvement. Another thing that they didn't think properly is the freaking hot corners. This is behond annoyng when using a mouse. You try to grab the corner of a window and you end up triggering the hot corner all the time... Windows 8 is the next millennium/vista. Hopefully windows 9 fix this all or microsoft will loose to Apple in the desktop space.
+Steve Garon , don't use metro apps then. there is nothing less productive about the start screen than there is about the start menu.
Summary: for desktops, 8 good, metro interface bad; for tablets, tablet PCs being used in tablet mode, 8 good, metro good.

7 will stay on my laptop. 8 in on a VM on my IMac, and it's a royal pain when I'm doing development work. Just let me do thing from the desktop without having to fight Metro.
+João Silva Rebelo how is active corners any different than the start menu and the system tray? same distance to traverse.

+Figueroa Johnathan The mouse works great... old trackpads...yes it is a poorer experience because you do not have the same control as a regular mouse (the same problem with any windows experience though)...newer trackpads on laptops made for multi-touch and gestures? it is just fine.

+Nathan Johnson Win8 works fine with a touching needed. I bought my Mother-in-law a new windows 8 desktop and it has no touch screen. Once you know how to mouse in Win8 the mouse is faster than touch.
+Tom Rethard the start screen is not "Metro" it is the app launcher...just like the start menu in every iteration of windows until now. You don't want to use metro then don't use metro apps. Remove them from your start screen and only host the applications you want to use (presumably desktop applications) on the start screen.
Tablets are not meant to be replacements for laptops.  Laptops are meant to be replacements for desktops.
I couldn't get past hating that new Metro crap whatever they wanted to call it now, on my desktop its awkward and ugly. I installed Classic Shell and n.ow I'm at peace with Win 8. I still don't think the performance is any thing to get excited about. I only upgraded because it was cheap and they threw the media stuff in. I'd never have paid full price for 8, think it's barely worth the .39.99.
Wow. All this argument over something so stupid. Everybody has their own opinions about this, that, and the other, yet no one seems to care what things such as Windows 8's download everything approach really means. So I will spell it out in layman's terms: You don't own shit. Microsoft owns everything, especially if you use Skydrive and/or Zune. All of "your" things now have DRM locks on them saying they don't work with other systems or accounts. Oh, and for those with a data cap, Microsoft just made your internet company rich off of you. From personal experience, I pulled a quarter of a gigabyte in one hour doing nothing. Imagine had I actually used the system and I wasn't just idly playing with it "offline". And those siding with Apple, your lack of ownership started a while ago with the introduction of iCloud and SSD "retina displays". As stated in a video not even pertaining to Microsoft, "Windows 8 is just a window".
I have win 8 on my desktop non touch. It is great, everything is a click away. 
I'm using it on my laptop with no touch and it's great I can't understand why people can't accept the new Windows 8 its simply reveloutinary. The titan is back Microsoft all the respect 
I'm a bit if a geek, not a tech guru. I can find my way around on windows 8 but I'm sure a lot of people are gonna have a lot of problems with it. Few buttons at the right places, that is what it is missing. As for the metro UI, I definitely don't find it stylish as many say it is. I rather think it is dull and boring. 
I've been using windows 8 for 3 months now (got a head start because I'm an Academic MSDN subscriber). And I've been a using a Toshiba laptop (last years model) windows 8 has been great, the touchpad is seamlessly integrated into the palm rest which causes some issues but other than that its a great laptop. My bug bear so far hasn't been with Windows 8 but with the diver makers, in this particular case Toshiba but I'm sure it's not exclusive. I have yet to find drivers for my Bluetooth capabilities and it took me a really long time to find the binary synaptics drivers for win8 because Toshiba hasn't released it's specific drivers yet. I had some issues early on because they didn't educate people during early testing regarding the corners but now I'm loving it. And that's with mouse and touchpad alike. Can't wait to use it on a touchscreen.

On another note I hate people referring to the Win8 UI as being tacked on top of a windows 7 desktop and vice versa. The experience is pretty darn good considering the differences between the UI's and application management systems. And may I say the comparisons I've heard between Mac OS and Win8 are obscene there is no comparison.

Mac OS especially ML has so many different interfaces spliced together it's atrocious, between the application grids the gadget screen etc. etc. you get lost. :| by comparison Win8 has two interfaces the Win8UI and the desktop and its always dead obvious which you're in. The removal of the start menu was a very brave and smart move because with it you would end up with 3 maybe 4 different ways to launch applications. This way you still only have 3 excluding the taskbar from that count but it was their in 7 so... Either way Win8 is still more intuitive than mac and so long as people don't get caught by WinRT unawares Microsoft will live long enough to polish off the new Win8UI and completely drop the desktop. Maybe... :) production environments will no doubt still demand desktop applications but... For general users not so much.

Long live Microsoft and Windows 8 looking forward to Windows Phone 8 and a completely new era for MS ;)
+CNET that what I have been saying, and some retard was telling me it's easy and how his 5 yr can do it...but the biggest problem has been this. If you update to Windows 8 on a non touch computer it's going to be frustrating. It's the same story with Microsoft, always fucking up the small stuff that matters. It's what they do every update they do, I canceled mine...which to my increasing anger is going to take 14 days for a PayPal refund. Great job Microsoft you even manage to fuck up the refund process!
Been using windows 8 since it was the release preview. The only issue I've had is after upgrading to the full version is my cursor keeps jumping in text boxes and my word processor. Every forum I have read says its the touch pad driver. 
This new OS was made for touch experience is just not going to be the same without it you might as well stay on Windows 7 if you don't have to touch you'd be better off
+alexander carneal That would cause a massive pain in your back and arms, and you'd wish to day when using the desktop interface or the legacy (non-touch oriented) applications. I have an ASUS Transformer Prime, Android 4.1 JB (that and iOS are the most touch oriented OSs) and using the trackpad is so much better! People will need a mouse/touchpad on their laptops to prevent physical issues.
+Kenneth canty part of Windows 8 (the Windows Apps, as they now call them, and the Metro/Modern UI start menu and related parts - definitions and such) was designed to work on touch interfaces, the rest of the system is just an Aero-less Windows 7, with little improvement on the touch department. The Desktop experience is just as usable with touch as Windows 7 was, maybe with better (hardware) recognition (software doesn't make miracles by itself), perhaps (only tried three diferent touch-enabled portable computers/laptops - the new batch from manufacturers - and two tablets with Windows - one being the Surface, the other an updated to Windows 8 Samsung Slate)... And multitouch touchpads help a little bit too, my laptop has one and it is a life saver.
I'm so happy it's different. Why will anyone will want more of the same?
+Jeremy Petzold I stand corrected. The start screen sucks, as does the automatic full screening of applications when they star up.
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