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With frequent recharging, the 2013 Ford C-Max Energi gets fuel economy approaching 100 mpg. Check out our review:
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Ford's increased fuel efficiency over the last several years is really impressive, unlike inflated numbers from certain other companies.
Mike Smith Do you believe everything RAG MAG C.R. Has to say about EVERYTHING AMERICAN has to say? 
Ed Koon
They all cheat when they get a chance. But at least Ford didn't bankrupt on their suppliers like Government Motors! 
If the epa catches you cheating the penalties are Huge! Kia just got caught so they have to send debit cards to ALL their owners every year in the amount that makes up the difference between their exaggerated claims and the new official epa #. Plus a fine!
I doubt Ford lied. I just wonder why no one else has been able to hit that #.
Its probably a case of designing to the test.
The state of Virginia will be imposing a fee/fine on hybrid owners. 
Ed Koon
Considering that road maintenance funds are derived from fuel tax, the governments are going to target electric supplemented / powered vehicles with an electricity tax of some kind.
Ed Koon
Look at how the price of Diesel has risen since GM and Mercedes among others fed the diesel car craze of the 80's. Now they are really sticking it to the truckers, 40-50 cents gallon higher than unleaded. And i read somewhere diesel takes less refinement than gas. Feeding government waste by the gallon!
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